Mar 3, 2011

Can you imagine the feeling of liberation?

I tried very hard not to blog first thing in the morning but I failed. Here I am blogging at 10: 20 on a Thursday morning after having resisted doing so for an hour and a half. I have managed to reply to my high priority e-mails so the feeling of guilt isn’t wrecking me as of now. Heheh! I haven’t been having a very exciting life off late. Sigh! Not that my life is like a movie or anything close to it but my personal life does seem to be right out of some chick lit novel every once in a while in fact in recent times it just seemed to be uncannily similar to some melodramatic and over the top chick lit paperback until I was made to sit down and understand that this isn’t anybody’s idea of normal. So here I am having gotten all free, some part of it is voluntary and some part by default and yeah strangely it is such a relief in some ways.

For instance in a very long time I don’t keep checking my phone every 30 seconds and don’t get excited every time it rings hoping to see some name flashing or a text from the same name saying hullo in the morning or good night at night. I don’t wait with bated breath as my inbox opens each morning hoping to see a Facebook message from someone or an intimation on how so and so likes some five year old picture of mine. And I haven’t even deactivated my Facebook account like I did each time with a failed (“love”) affair looming in the background or unfriended the same people associated with the failed affairs like I have made a habit off. Hahahah! Can you imagine the feeling of liberation? I think initially it was just this big big void but I have started to fill it up with small things, little things that shall hopefully manifest into meaningful things someday in the near future and even if they don’t I am alright with it.

On the other hand I have these three huge pimples on my face and I am trying so desperately hard with every homemade remedy possible. Last week I actually made some orange peel pack at home, as in I beat fresh orange peels into a pulp and applied to my face. All this at 10 at night mind you but alas the face became even paler making the three pimples look even more prominent. I bought three different face washes and two scrubs from Khan Market hoping they shall have some effect but to no avail. Every time I look into the mirror all I see is these three mountains staring at me. Hmmmmphhhhh!

Oh and I became a fan of Masterchef US though everyone says its cos I never caught an episode of Masterchef Australia . I am guessing they are correct but then I couldn’t stop myself from cheering Whitney Miller the 22 year old from down south Mississippi as she churned out dish after dish some great and some not so great and not to forget her signature desserts that definitely played such a big role getting her so far and beating a hundred other amateur cooks , winning 250,000 dollars and a cook book contract. :-)

I gotta head back. Work beckons. Sigh! :-)

“It isn't what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.”

Dale Carnegie

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akanksha said...

“It isn't what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about." -- This is so true!

My life is in a real mess right now and I have no idea where to start from, to forget the past and make a new beginning.

All gloomy,life is heading to an unknown sad destination where I don't see any hope:( I haven't had a break up, but there is this someone who has hurt me real bad and I just can't accept it and move on.My life sucks:(

Please share how you manage to be so chirpy and happy...I might as well get some gyaan from you and start working towards being happy.