Jun 26, 2012

That what I don't like doing the mostest, I am referring to the blah boring things at work, well those are what I always have to do on high priority basis whether I like it or not.

Point being I have learnt even if I don't like doing some particular task or some really monotonous work or reviewing so and so documents I have to finish them off first always in order to enjoy what I like to do.

Wish someone told me this like 5 years earlier. Hmmmmphhh! Better late than never though.

Jun 18, 2012

All we can do is to reboot...

My desktop crashed this morning and I have been anticipating this for some time now. It had been showing these tell-tale signs and I wouldn’t pay too much heed until it just refused to start today and I was like there you go just as I had expected it.

What if this happened to life too? Imagine not being able to wake up one day and you just knew this was coming. I shudder to imagine that. Wow such positively morbid thoughts on a Monday morning I say. But I couldn’t help but have these thoughts cos someone I never knew but saw almost every day at work passed away all of a sudden Saturday night.

It felt so strange. I hadn’t even exchanged a single word with the man but I saw him every day standing in my queue for lunch or at the coffee vending machine and he always acknowledged me with a smile. I walk into office this morning and there is this small group huddled around close to my work station discussing in hushed tones how one heart attack and he is gone. No trace at all. The futility of it all.

To think I was creating a big fuss over cutting both my legs last afternoon while shaving and I persuaded my sister to take me to Army Hospital for a tetanus and the attendants actually laughed at me saying “Madam kuch nahin hoga. Koi zaroorat nahin tetanus ki.” But I persisted and they had to give me one. Hypochondriac me and that eternal conundrum called Life.

I went for a holiday to gorgeus Bhutan with two of my friends. The less I say is better. The pictures say it all. There was peace, peace, peace all over. Now one just has to just slog it away for a while before I have enough money to take another break. If only everything was this simple like work and holidays and work some more and holidays. :p

" After all computers crash and people die. The best we can do is to breathe and reboot."