Jun 23, 2008

As good as it gets.

Its Monday today and can I please say that I haven’t suffered from the customary Monday morning blues and that I have been having a really ridiculous and a clumsy day cos I don’t know if I should be depressed or laugh or giggle or ruminate or maybe I should just lament the loss of my sanity. For starters my weekend was quite slow paced and naiceee as Batty Woman Came over with P’s good friend The Economist. Yes yes I insist on calling him that as he blushes and gets oh so embarrassed as I loudly pronounce him to be the youngest Economist I know. He is 23 so understandably so. Did I add that he is the only Economist I know too? Heheh! So he came home with a bottle of wine and Batty woman and I had got vodka too as we knew that the wine wouldn’t last too long between us. We had a mellow pleasant evening chatting up as both of them bonded over coming from the same part of the country ( the south if I may say so) and the larger than life film industry existing there and how much they miss the food and how he should come home for scrumptious south Indian lunch to her place one Sunday afternoon. Then ofcourse as cliché as it sounds but we got a little high and started talking about life and love and hope and dreams. Our man came up with a sentence that made me boil over and this was with regard to some girl he’d liked and he said “She was way out of my league.”
Before we knew it Batty Woman and I were punching him from two sides cos he would not change his opinion about that as we tried to explain how no self respecting person should think like that. So there I was sitting beside him punching his arm as Batty Woman whacked his legs and he just sat and watched a little taken aback while this other friend of Raddy’s screamed at both of us saying “whats wrong with you women? Poor guy is being bashed up the two of you and he doesn’t say a word.” We burst into laughter and so did he over our playful banter. So we dropped him home and while coming back managed getting lost at 2:30 in the morning even as Batty Woman felt mighty proud of herself cos she finally managed to smoke a cigarette while driving and chatting with me and she also felt uber cool cos having lived with her folks for close to two years now she hadn’t got to drive the car after having downed 2 glasses of wine in the wee hours of the morning. So there we were twooo happy women cruising along, singing songs to ourselves and making the most nonsensical conversation.
But to come back to my funny mood this Monday. I wonder whats wrong with me or maybe after a long long time something is right with me. I have no idea and no this hasn’t been one of those revelation days but today being one of those “nothing is going right” days I am still not feeling as bad I should. Firstly lemme give you a list of my tiny disasters. My colleague called up from Bombay a week after I’d called him and begged him to get some information related to a particular suit and I spoke to him at length for 15 minutes advising him on how he should extract the information from the concerned person and how tired I was of pursuing the matter with the same person. For once I felt soooo calm, collected & professional and not at sea cos darn I was talking to him so professionally and I sounded so confident about the matter and when I realised damn I got the required information 4 days back. Why am I talking to him at all and that hell this will only create more confusion. I managed to get myself out of the situation after some stoopid excuses and there my boss was standing right next to me. He looks at me with a cocky expression saying “ And I was thinking what on the earth is she talking about when we got what we needed 4 days back.” I mumbled some reply and sat down.
Then again I have to be checking out universities for a Masters Course as Batty Woman and I have dreamed of this for the longest time. Now very recently I am fixated with Paris so just been googling about universities in France. Now of all the times he could have got looked at my screen he decides to check out what I am doing just when I on just a whim was checking out some degree called well ahem a PHD in Physical Education. He froze. He is well aware about my aspirations of higher studies but this was way more absurd than he thought I could be. He says “ And you wanna do a PHD in Physical Education because? “ I felt like saying “Cos I wanna join the WWF” and see his mouth gape open. But again rather sheepishly I closed the window. The most embarrassing part of the day was in my pursuit of trying to dig out a file from this huge and lofty pile of files and documents palced on the common table of his work station and mine( they are almost like walls made up of files between our work desks) the entire pile toppled and all the documents fell on him. Amidst all the documents and the dust as he got up he gives me an icy look saying “How many times have I told you that if you are trying to obtain a document from the bottom you should keep the ones on top aside first and not just yank out the one at the bottom?” I apologised profusely and arranged all the documents in place and this time I made the piles towards me loftier just incase they fell they’d tumble on me :P!
I know I should have been guilty but I was dying to laugh so I ran to the pantry to call Batty Woman from the phone provided there for the pantry staff(this is what I have come down to.) as I couldn't possibly call her up sitting right under my Boss'S nose and I was giggling and laughing and she says “ Pia you are turning clumsy and neurotic and you aren’t even a bit ashamed.”Only to be followed by “You are just like me, such a sadistic bitch.”
Ah well I am such an innocent girl next door.How could you say that? Hehehe! Come on Batty Woman we are the model 20something olds living the funny lives we chose to live, laughing too much, crying even more, cribbing endlessly about the ever changing personal front, stumbling every now and then, hitting too many rock bottoms, suffering from disproportionate bouts of self pity, learning lessons from every self made disaster or at least trying to and having been blessed with the ability to laugh at our numerous misdoings knowing that we’ll probably end up doing something more catastrophic tomorrow.

Jun 21, 2008

To my almost soul sister

To the most gorgeus woman I know.
To Preema
With lots of love.
Cause you said I never ever blogged about you.
Cause apparently you wanted to be written about too.
Well I am no writer and this is no great piece of literature.
But yes this our story.

From the very first introductions when you insisted on talking nineteen to dozen about life, love and other trivialities.
To last night when we got onto a rick at 11:30 at night to get fuel for our dear friend.
From all the stories we have cooked up just to spend perfectly innocent girly time together.
To the dreams woven together sitting in that room of yours.
From hoping against hope time and time again .
To falling down and getting up and trying once again.
From trying to chart out a new course in life.
To getting tipsy drunk in the car and dancing like fools.
From planning out a Saturday night with alcohol and yummy food.
To going off to sleep at 11 the same night only to get up at 5 in the morning cos you and I could not possibly sleep anymore.
From all those phone conversations we have had away from the prying eyes hahah!
To the time when we got happy just adding stupid sirnames behind our names :p!
From the time you got oh so angry and did not answer our calls for 2 whole days on the pretext of “I am gonna start howling plssss don’t call me.”
To the moment you actually walked into the house bashfully cos you knew we’d come and make up with you.
From the child that you love being.
To the woman of strength I see every now and then.
From the time I saw you sooo gleeful yet teary eyed one night with you know who.
To the time you asked me to stop lying as much as I was.
From the tomboy you can be when you want to.
To the beauty that you are oh so gracefully.
From the time when we first started looking for excuses on Saturday nights heheh!
To the time you sat by my side while I cried my heart out over someone and you told me to buck up and put on my smile and go right back in there and have fun and I did.
From the time you sneaked me out of your house at midnight.
To the moonlit night when we got chucked into the pool one after the other much to our dismay and secret delight.
From the time you said “Oh you can dance jus like me” (I know for the life of me I can’t. But I try to.)
To the time when you said “You never took my name with Akku and Shivi’s name when you said they were your bestest friends”.
From being just an acquaintance.
To being an almost soul sister.
Well to all those times and to many more times Preema. This one’s for you especially.

Jun 9, 2008

And we will go away , far far away....

I have been away for sometime and had no access to the net which was in some ways a welcome relief because knowing myself I would have been sitting online majority of the time when on the other end I was supposed to be spending time with my folks and my loony sister. Yup I went home for almost two weeks and this time going home did feel like homeee. I met up with Tinni after more than a year and there were moments I felt it was only yesterday that we were in Pune sitting around for hours in Barista doing nothing but making meaningless conversation and watching the rain while we rejoiced at the idea of having secured the perfect seats under the umbrella or getting up each morning and walking a km and a half just to secure her Gudang Garams to have with the customary cup of morning coffee and Thousand Oaks and listening to "Coming Back To Life" with everybody right from P to Fido Dido to R and N and not to forget towards the end S use to be there with Tara. Tinni and I giggle and reminisce those days when I didn’t know S at all but would still greet him oh so sweetly just to smuggle a few smokes off him and one stoned night a couple of months back S told me his first impression of me was of the girl who flicked smokes from him. Sigh! We had come a long way indeed. Anyways tis is not about S.
It was raining back home and a year and a half in Delhi and I clearly have been deprived of the rain and I was one of those people who hated the rains be it in in Cal or in Pune and even those brief sojourns in Bombay. This time though I loved it. Made me feel a little lost maybe cos I am planning to leave and do things a little differently. I was trying to imagine how it would feel living in Cal again after so many years, how it would feel knowing I am not about to see the familiar faces I am so used to seeing all the time cos some of them have been a part of my life for the longest time. What’ll happen when it finally hits me one fine day that it is all gone and I cannot have that life back ever? Maybe it would never hit me and there is an expiry date to everything and the good times also come to an end. I have had such fun times, good times, drunken times, cranky tearful times here and now that I made up my mind and there has to be an end to this.
Last month we’d gone for a pool party to someone’s farm house at Chhatarpur and on our way in the car we were passing these huge farm houses with gigantic avenues and all one could see were effigies of trees and trees and I got a glimpse of the moon through the trees while Atti played some typical Punjabbi number. I looked at the moon and looked inside and saw a bunch of people I love right from Atti to Rad and Preema. They were talking nineteen to dozen oblivious to the fact that I hadn’t participated in the conversation for a good 10 minutes and I realised damn I am gonna miss them, their non stop chatter, and even the punjabbi music right from the pind when I am back home. The pool party was delicious as Preema and I got chucked into the pool despite all our honest intentions of not wanting to contaminate the water due to obvious reasons. Did I ever tell you men can be complete dunces when they want to heheh! I swam my heart out at 1 at night under the effects of a multitude of intoxicants.
Oh and about home well I met Fido Dido too and convinced him to come out clubbing with us and he actually enjoyed himself and would not drop me home at 1 cos he wanted to stay some more. My sister incidentally has picked up smoking and that is bad news as we’d gone out for lunch with her and her best friend and someone from school saw her with a smoke in her hand and I nearly killed her for it. The stories she and I had to conjure up leave me feeling a wee bit guilty. We went to Peter Cat and had sizzlers, went to CCFC with Mum and Dad and ate and drank to my heart’s content and how much I missed fish curry and rice cooked by Mum.I gorged on it and I must have put on 2 kilos easily. On the whole it was a well deserved break but back in Delhi I am feeling teeny meeny bit low. Hmmmmm the holiday blues. But I have to get to work and start the dice rolling. I have had too much time to stand and stare.