Jun 9, 2008

And we will go away , far far away....

I have been away for sometime and had no access to the net which was in some ways a welcome relief because knowing myself I would have been sitting online majority of the time when on the other end I was supposed to be spending time with my folks and my loony sister. Yup I went home for almost two weeks and this time going home did feel like homeee. I met up with Tinni after more than a year and there were moments I felt it was only yesterday that we were in Pune sitting around for hours in Barista doing nothing but making meaningless conversation and watching the rain while we rejoiced at the idea of having secured the perfect seats under the umbrella or getting up each morning and walking a km and a half just to secure her Gudang Garams to have with the customary cup of morning coffee and Thousand Oaks and listening to "Coming Back To Life" with everybody right from P to Fido Dido to R and N and not to forget towards the end S use to be there with Tara. Tinni and I giggle and reminisce those days when I didn’t know S at all but would still greet him oh so sweetly just to smuggle a few smokes off him and one stoned night a couple of months back S told me his first impression of me was of the girl who flicked smokes from him. Sigh! We had come a long way indeed. Anyways tis is not about S.
It was raining back home and a year and a half in Delhi and I clearly have been deprived of the rain and I was one of those people who hated the rains be it in in Cal or in Pune and even those brief sojourns in Bombay. This time though I loved it. Made me feel a little lost maybe cos I am planning to leave and do things a little differently. I was trying to imagine how it would feel living in Cal again after so many years, how it would feel knowing I am not about to see the familiar faces I am so used to seeing all the time cos some of them have been a part of my life for the longest time. What’ll happen when it finally hits me one fine day that it is all gone and I cannot have that life back ever? Maybe it would never hit me and there is an expiry date to everything and the good times also come to an end. I have had such fun times, good times, drunken times, cranky tearful times here and now that I made up my mind and there has to be an end to this.
Last month we’d gone for a pool party to someone’s farm house at Chhatarpur and on our way in the car we were passing these huge farm houses with gigantic avenues and all one could see were effigies of trees and trees and I got a glimpse of the moon through the trees while Atti played some typical Punjabbi number. I looked at the moon and looked inside and saw a bunch of people I love right from Atti to Rad and Preema. They were talking nineteen to dozen oblivious to the fact that I hadn’t participated in the conversation for a good 10 minutes and I realised damn I am gonna miss them, their non stop chatter, and even the punjabbi music right from the pind when I am back home. The pool party was delicious as Preema and I got chucked into the pool despite all our honest intentions of not wanting to contaminate the water due to obvious reasons. Did I ever tell you men can be complete dunces when they want to heheh! I swam my heart out at 1 at night under the effects of a multitude of intoxicants.
Oh and about home well I met Fido Dido too and convinced him to come out clubbing with us and he actually enjoyed himself and would not drop me home at 1 cos he wanted to stay some more. My sister incidentally has picked up smoking and that is bad news as we’d gone out for lunch with her and her best friend and someone from school saw her with a smoke in her hand and I nearly killed her for it. The stories she and I had to conjure up leave me feeling a wee bit guilty. We went to Peter Cat and had sizzlers, went to CCFC with Mum and Dad and ate and drank to my heart’s content and how much I missed fish curry and rice cooked by Mum.I gorged on it and I must have put on 2 kilos easily. On the whole it was a well deserved break but back in Delhi I am feeling teeny meeny bit low. Hmmmmm the holiday blues. But I have to get to work and start the dice rolling. I have had too much time to stand and stare.


SMM said...

Welcome back to the real world sweetie...Its the worst right after a brief relaxing sojourn at home, but you'l get into the groove again :)

J said...

The day after vacation always sucks!!

Looks like it was a time spent quite nicely.

have fun.. so who do you smuggle off the ciggies now from?

Sutta said...

This really made me ponder over a lot of people I miss, and another lot whom I am gonna miss one day.

Gosh! I'm big time senti. :(

The Dude said...

heh, yeah..
theres few blues as hard to get past as the holiday blues.. bein back home in the place where its all familiar and so much never changes.. being chilled and enjoying the safety and all that.
And then going back to your life seems like such work. Youre happy, its your life but it aint always easy to get back to it when you have so much stuff that you have to do yourself and time becomes such a major factor once again.
Its one of those "grass is greener.." things cos after being on your own for a fair while you move home, there will come a time where you will want to run away. that kills the joy of being home.

for that reason i feel happy to go home for short spurts cos Ill miss it when its over, always, but i know I left while it was still the best. I would hate to spoil the image of that perfect home which was mine! :)