Jul 23, 2012

I am happy today. Yeayyyy!

The first piece of news I heard this morning was from Shivi telling me about these two friends of mine, who were very dear to me once upon a time, got engaged after 5 years of courtship. I never ever thought A would  someday pop the question to R but he actually did. God bless them both.

J begins his MBA today. I managed to catch him just before he entered the academic block to complete the admission and registration formalities. I am so excited just thinking about him beginning a new chapter in his life. After all those years(4 to be precise) of questioning his own choices, month after month just slogging it out on site(the most thankless job on earth is that of an engineer on a construction site) and periods when nothing made any sense and everything was just plain uninspiring he actually managed to break away and howww! I am so proud of him.

Bonu is having a ball in Leh. Not a couple of days but two whole weeks. Her friend’s Dad is commanding a Brigade there so these two girls get treated like royalty. She keeps sending me pictures on whatsapp as and when she can and it is breathtakingly gorgeus. I think I am a bit jealous. ;) Anyways she has promised to get me gifts. I presume that shall constitute my birthday gift since I complete 29 years on this darned earth in a little less than a month. We are a strange family I must say. Three of us go for holidays separately with our own batch of friends and family.

Jul 18, 2012

Disco Autos and Fatigue

I am tired and tired and tired. Gawdddd! This is exhausting.

I keep running through the check lists and To Do Lists in my head even when jogging in the evening.

Psychooo meeee.

Last to last weekend was such a fun, frothy one with sister, her friends, and my pal T. We partied with Mad P and his crazy bunch and I can say this without blinking an eyelid that P was the only normal, sane one out of his lot. This is the same P who would irritate me to no ends with his daft like crazy antics 5 years back. [But we have had some great times at TC, the older one in the Qutub Institutional area when it used to be there in the basement and not the revamped loud, bright, filled with smoke version that reopened 2 years back.] In Cal we only do sidey Roxy and boring Someplace Else and wannabe UG.

But the highlight of this evening was returning home at 1 at night from Azad Hind to my place in a disco auto with three young twenty something year olds out of which 2 of them were in teeny meeny shorts. It was hilarious as M and my sister sat on two sides of the auto guy, T, S and I sat at the back, as he drove from one end of the city to the other in an auto that was flashing disco lights and chammiyan music. I was transported back to Bombay a couple of years back when I was exactly as old as these girls travelling in those flashy autos with Himesh Reshammiyan singing in his nasal voice “Aashiq Banayaaaaa, Aaaaaaashiqqq Banayaaaa Aaapneyyyyy”. But doing this here was a different story. In Cal you sit in covered Big Yellow Taxis and autos are not meant for single passengers especially those who are skimpily dressed. Hahah!

To digress I have come across some very unpleasant characters at work recently and I realise I would have crossed paths with such people eventually anywhere I worked or maybe I would have met them much earlier but I guess it just left a bad taste in my mouth. I try completing the task with minimal contact with them but it isn’t always that easy and sometimes you can’t help but step on some toes and God help you if they are the wrong toes which most often than not are.

Jul 4, 2012

I read this here and loved the article and the quote below.

"Those of us that are nomads will already know that in the end there are a few little things or a few chosen ones that will be “home” for us wherever we are. And some of us are even lucky enough to have those people follow us, and then home can be anywhere at all."

Jul 2, 2012

You know you are losing it when you are about to chuck your phone into the waste paper basket, already filled with half a cup of vending machine coffee that you didn’t bother to have and were callous enough to throw into it. Sigh!