Jul 23, 2012

I am happy today. Yeayyyy!

The first piece of news I heard this morning was from Shivi telling me about these two friends of mine, who were very dear to me once upon a time, got engaged after 5 years of courtship. I never ever thought A would  someday pop the question to R but he actually did. God bless them both.

J begins his MBA today. I managed to catch him just before he entered the academic block to complete the admission and registration formalities. I am so excited just thinking about him beginning a new chapter in his life. After all those years(4 to be precise) of questioning his own choices, month after month just slogging it out on site(the most thankless job on earth is that of an engineer on a construction site) and periods when nothing made any sense and everything was just plain uninspiring he actually managed to break away and howww! I am so proud of him.

Bonu is having a ball in Leh. Not a couple of days but two whole weeks. Her friend’s Dad is commanding a Brigade there so these two girls get treated like royalty. She keeps sending me pictures on whatsapp as and when she can and it is breathtakingly gorgeus. I think I am a bit jealous. ;) Anyways she has promised to get me gifts. I presume that shall constitute my birthday gift since I complete 29 years on this darned earth in a little less than a month. We are a strange family I must say. Three of us go for holidays separately with our own batch of friends and family.

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