Oct 28, 2008

Thus here I am and I don't know how I shall be but I definitely shall be

So I am in this new city I shall be calling my abode for the next two years at least cos folks I refuse to shift bag and baggage anywhere in the near future unless ofcourse some brilliant offer pops out of nowhere in one of my dream cities ( read London, Paris, New York, Sydney etc hehe!) or even more unlikely if one ties the knot hahahah! I dream too much and yes I do know that. So like I mentioned earlier I refuse to shift cities and lives real soon cos I am sick of packing and by sick I mean SICK and I dread the idea of having to fit a 2 years of my life into a couple of bags, suitcases and cartons because it doesn’t seem to fit in and the baggage is always overflowing both literally and figuratively hahaha! Actually tis just the idea of packing that repulses me now since my last two days in Cal my Mum and I were at our wit’s end wondering how am I supposed to carry so much stuff in the flight and I ended up shelling out 2 and a half thousand bucks for excess baggage and darn it pinched me. That’s a mini fortune for parceling luggage. Don’t you think so and I ain’t some celebrity or the likes of it but I had so much to carry and I disposed off quite a bit as mum kept giving away my clothes to the needy. Like this cute blue sleeveless top I’d bought from one of those minuscule shops off Besant Nagar beach a couple of years back or these old pair of pajamas I picked up from Koregaon Park half a decade back. I did not want to part with them but Ma insisted that I do not need these pieces of clothing any longer.

“ You already have some 10 new pajamas you bought from Sarojini Nagar so why do you need this ghastly orange pair. And that blue top is too tiny for you. I’ll give it to the maid for her grand daughter."

“ But I lurveee those orange ones, they are sooooo comfy and that blue top isn’t too tiny Ma. I lost weight remember."

And my books. My heart bleeds thinking I left all of them at home.  Anyways did you guys notice the first signs of recession in the country? I read this entire article in The Times of India about how one could be a Recessionita. Eeeeyew how imaginative are the journos getting! I mean hell here half the world’s economies are crashing, the sensex keeps loosing 1000 points every second day( the bear sure is reigning), the Dow Jones is in such a pitiable state and in such trying times they come up with ridiculous terms like Recessionista( from Fashionista). Well the flights these days are almost like air buses. Seriously and I ain’t talking about Low Budget Airlines. Tis Kingfisher I was travelling by and it kept halting in between to pick up passengers from different cities. Everytime they did so they’d begin the prerecorded programmes right from start on those mini televisions and in the process I ended up watching the same episode of Friends 3 times and finally disgusted with all of it I just switched the television off. Thus I land in Bangalore at 10 in the morning and by 10:30 I am happily sitting in my cab half my way into the city and looking for a phone booth desperately cos I needed to call up Fino to figure where she and her sister resided. This is only my third visit here and its mighty ambitious of me not to have taken her address the night before. We went from shop to shop looking for an STD phone booth cos I do not like the idea of coin boxes. But my luck there was a massive power cut and not a single booth was operarting. Finally the cabbie says “ Maduummmm use my phone please. Ask your frand to call you back.” What an angel! I called up Fino and she says “ Where in the hell are you calling me up from? Your Mum is going ballistic wondering if you landed safe and sound.” When I told her tis was the cab driver she couldn’t believe it. I did find my way eventually and I was gleeful when I saw her building had a lift as I was really not looking forward to carrying and making Fino carry some 100 kgs of luggage to the fourth floor. So I enter her house, exchange hugs and greetings with Fino and her sister when they ask me “ You are cool with the idea of getting out for lunch!” I murmured a yes ofcourse I was. I mea
n trust my friends to be such sociable creatures. So after taking hurried shower we stepped out for lunch at this place called Miller’s where Fino’s cousin Queen Bee was there with her husband and a couple of friends. I met Queen Bee a couple of years back in Pune and then Bombay when Fino and I landed up at her doorstep after exams to party the nights away for a weekend. We’d had a gala time at Hawaain Shack and this karaoke place called Soul Fry and dining at Linking road or just walking by the beach. She was working for Foster’s then and she’d have crates and crates of this Apple Juice that Foster’s had come out with and I remember drinking bottles and bottles of the same instead of water cos we’d been given strict instructions that the apple juice had to be gotten over with hahaha! Anyways I keep digressing. Oh and I forgot to add I have chilled with Fino’s sister when I was working in Chennai. We’d meet up at Mocha or Anokhi on Chamiers Road ( I love that place in Chennai) for coffee and I’d sit and puff away cigarettes like some maniac and talk and talk. The first time I met her the first thought that came to my mind was darn whom does she remind me off until I realized “Duh she is Fino’s sister” hahah! And the last time I met her she had been kind enough to invite me for this family get together and I had been alcohol deprived for the longest time then and this was before my stint at Delhi. Well I’d gotten a bit too inebriated at that gathering and that was the first time I met Fino’s family and I was soooooooooo embarrassed the morning after. I remember how much I kept apologizing. Thank God such incidents are firmly embedded in the past now.
Well we went for lunch to Millers where those guys were already making merry eating and drinking away to glory. The three of us stuffed ourselves with bread cos the waiter took the longest time getting the starters and the bread was on the house. Seemed like we’d never had freshly baked bread before hahha! We were there till four and think we were one of the last people to leave. We’d had flavoured vodka and LII Tea pitchers and guess the whole party wanted more so we shifted to Queen Bee and her husband’s beautiful place at Fraser Town. They have the prettiest house complete with an awesome bar with a mindboggling array of alcohol and funky motorcycle shaped hanging lamps and not to forget a mask room displaying their collection of masks. Queen Bee made her version LII tea that was delicious and we saw Harold and Kumar :- Escape from Guantanamo Bay and kept the alcohol flowing till 11 at night I think. We’d keep hopping skipping and jumping from the terrace to the house back and forth. I haven’t met so many lawyers together for the longest time except for the High Court at Delhi and we had some of the most animated conversations about the most random people hahaha! Came back home after almost 12 hours of drinking at 12 at night and crashed so yes this was some welcome into Bangalore Hahahha! I have to go house hunting now so wish me luck. Sigh! Tis too much of an effort and a tedious task. Whatsay! See you in a bit! And Happy Diwali people!

Oct 15, 2008

Yes there surely is so much to talk about...

What should I begin with? Should I tell you about the harum scarum packing I did and managed sending back just about 20 kg of my luggage for almost 3 and a half thousand bucks and most of it was just winter clothing and books? Or should I tell about my night out at Morrisson with Akku when Batty Woman and I walked it from her place at 10 at night only to realize later that we shouldn’t be as impulsive? Or do I tell you about my first drunken dial to S and how stupid I felt next morning or I ‘d love to show you the wild pictures put up by Akku on Facebook that makes me look a tad bit smashed hahah!
Maybe I should tell you about the wistful feeling that overpowered all the excitement as I drove through the city one last time and the FM channels that insisted on playing “Tumse Hi” just to remind me that it isn’t all hunky dory leaving behind a life, that however much one tries to be optimistic about a new start it is only human to feel sad. Or maybe I should tell you about my farewell message to Raddy and the reply that never came or should it be about S’s “ I miss you too Pri” that kept resonating in my mind throughout the journey, especially that night on the train as I listened to random Tamil songs cos they don’t remind me of anybody.
I’d also like to tell you about She, Preema, the Economist and the ever present Batty Woman who came to drop me and how they insisted on singing “ Leaving On Jetplane “ at the top of their voices all the way to the station and ooooohhhhhhh people I have to thank Batty Woman and Economist for the J’adore perfume they gave me as a goodbye present. Me lurveeeessss it guys! Thankie! Oh She I am so sorry to have made you tie that overloaded suitcase with the nylon chord. I really am. Next time me promises that me shall get a new one or get this one repaired hahaha! I cannot forget She and I trying to refill Batty Woman’s bean bag with those fluffy cotton like thingies just cos I wanted to surprise her and voila’ she lands up at home just when we are about the begin the complicated procedure hahah!
I forgot to mention in the recent times I have met two of my fellow bloggers. The first one being Scribbler whose office was a stone’s throw away from my old one and can I please confess that me thinks that he has goblin ears and scraggy hair with twinkling eyes and makes interesting conversation. :D! Dude too bad I had to meet ya just two weeks before I left Delhi . I met Anansi too at Kasbah with She and yes we have seen each other all those years back in school and I remembered her much to her surprise. Was naice catching up with her finally after having been an avid follower of her blog for more than a year now and there is something mysterious about her. I can’t point out exactly what it is, but just the way she is.
I do wanna tell you all about the pujos that flashed past by over here and all I remember doing is sitting in various coffee shops with Fido Dido and chatting away nineteen to dozen or walking along the strangest of lanes and bylanes in South Calcutta with him or standing outside desolate old houses and smoking gudang garams while Fido Dido makes faces on how he detests their smell hahah! I am delighted that I am able to spend three whole weeks at home with Mum, watching movies together on World Movies, sleeping like there is no tomorrow, stuffing myself with homemade food or discussing how me of all the people has turned into a love pariah hahah! Yes there is a lot to talk about , there always is. Hmmm! Isn’t it!

Oct 2, 2008

And we are off!

So I am off, as my Facebook status says the same and I bid adieu to Delhi today after a year and a half of ranting and raving about the city, the people, and most importantly my life here. I'll be back soon in a month's time and you'll see my life unravel once again, a little hesitantly at first, a tad bit apprehensive maybe but it would be the same old me and my shenanigans hahah! So Utopia takes leave for a short time. See ya on the other side of this spectrum. Muahhhh! Goodbyeeeeeee!