Apr 30, 2012

Happiness is....

Happiness is wearing the most bizarrely colourful jutis on a Monday morning.

Happiness is watching the funniest bong movie in Priya cinema  surrounded by Bengalis from every corner of the city and the laughter you share with them at the bhoot related jokes.

Happiness is the luke warm water shower after a work out on an exhausting working day.

Happiness is going to Azad Hind Dhaba after years with Mommy and one of my BFFs and enjoying the scrumptious chicken bharta and keema dal tadka.

Happiness is when your eye doctor tells you that despite having such high myopia your eyes haven’t been this healthy ever.

Happiness is making a small mistake at work and killing yourself over it and thinking and contemplating what to do for hours until you manage to blurt it out to your Immediate Senior who actually says it is alright and this world isn’t gonna crash down if you did so.

Happiness is knowing that yeayyyy you are off on May Day and it is bang right in the middle of the week.

Happiness is also meeting old old friends after years and reminiscing old times and exchanging notes on what to look forward to but then happiness has always been that and shall be but to be reminded of that is such a pleasure.

Apr 7, 2012

"Broken things have been on my mind as the year lurches to an end, because so much broke and broke down this year in my life, and in the lives of the people I love. Lives broke, hearts broke, health broke, minds broke. On the first Sunday of Advent our preacher, Veronica, said that this is life’s nature, that lives and hearts get broken, those of people we love, those of people we’ll never meet. She said the world sometimes feels like the waiting room of the emergency ward, and that we, who are more or less OK for now, need to take the tenderest possible care of the more wounded people in the waiting room, until the healer comes. You sit with people, she said, you bring them juice and graham crackers. And then she went on vacation."