Jan 27, 2014

It is second semester, my last semester here. 3 months and I am done with exams. 29th April, 2014 is my last exam. I have little idea what is in store for me. I began classes two weeks back and I am soooo in love with the subjects. They are vague, random, arbitrary but hell I love them.

 It actually takes time to like a new city, it takes time to find your own space, your niche and to surround yourself with your kind of people. I had a presentation today, was up all night reading up and when I walked through Botanic Gardens this morning it didn't feel alien at all. Even the nervousness and jitteriness before presentations has significantly reduced. It just feels soooooooo different.

The weekend passed away in a blur of parties, dinners, conversations, dancing, birthdays and pictures. I'll miss all of this.

I could do with a bit of luck though for the future. Even if I am lost, hope it is in the right direction. It sure feels like that.