Sep 9, 2010

When did we become like this?

So guess what I have two goals set out in my head and they don’t seem as improbable as they would have seemed even a couple of years back. Yeah I have two of these goals. One of which have to be worked on right away while the other would depend on a number of factors. Gawd I have been so lost for the longest time. I wonder why confusion has reigned supreme always. Is it normal? I still am confused mind you but maybe the vision is clearing up. Okie enough of this warped mind of mine.

Moving on to the fun things I have done lately. I went on a holiday to Thailand with one of my closest bffs and had such a joyous time exploring the lanes and bylanes, eating in those pretty restaurants by the beach, shopping and yes cheap shopping and walking around experiencing the sights and smells of the country. I’ll remember our last evening as both of us went for a long walk late at night on Walking Street trying to freeze all our memories as none of us were carrying a camera and came across this Syrian sand artist who created the most gorgeus art. M sat on the pavement a little ahead smoking a cigarette lost in her own world humming to the music coming from a night club while giving the curious passersby that hands off I am only enjoying my smoke look . I on the other hand was making conversation with this guy from Syria as he used sand to make this striking picture for me on the insides of a glass bottle. He said he travels to a different country each year selling his beautiful wares. In hindsight I hope the person to whom I am gifting the picture to appreciates it cos I have such happy memories of the picture being crafted.

Anyways I am back in Delhi and I am not taking any holidays very soon except for Pujas next month. Yeayyy I get to go home and be with Mum and Sis. I am so looking forward to that. Or else it has just been the ordinary life of work and home interspersed with gym and meeting up with friends once in a while. I have turned into quite the recluse and I know that I really need to be getting out and meeting some new people so surprise surprise this Saturday I am going to Supriya’s place cos its her husband Arjun’s birthday and they sent out the cutest invite and I couldn’t resist saying a yes to it. Wow I am actually not gonna be sitting at home on a Saturday night eating a boring dinner and watching that boring Saturday night movie. When did we become like this?

Batty and I were talking about how we used to be such happy happy shiny people a couple of years back until real life happened. I mean we are still happy and all of that but that pure unadulterated happiness has deluded us or maybe we think it has. And when I do have my bad days they are so bad that I just wanna be swallowed inside the earth and only wanna come out when I feel alright. But I also realize that it is all about living it through and the bad days or the bad times do pass away. The sun does come out or so we hope. After all we live in hope as someone very dear to me told me one time.