Mar 17, 2007

A Fistful of Stars

Have you ever thought about all the wishes made in the past? All those wishes you made years back and wanted them to come true oh so ardently. They did not, you moved on and forgot all about them. Once in a while u'd look back and wonder what happend to them , to those desires one had. Do they fade away into oblivion or they still remain somewhere in the realms of space sometimes all dusty and forgotten or maybe some of them are still alive and some of the magic had probably never gone away and was waiting to be discovered. maybe you prayed so hard for them to take shape into and reality and for some reason they did not but the feelings u poured into them , the energy , the thoughts have left an impact and by some freak of nature they emerge years later, probably very different but quite similar nonetheless.

I made a wish when I was 12 years old. I hoped, I prayed, waited and watched. It never came true. I wanted that so badly but to no avail. I cried, shed tears for that for almost 3 years but it wasn't to be. At 15 comon sense got the better of me so i moved on and promptly forgot all about it. Now i am almost 24 and it seems to be coming true. Atleast a teeny meeny bit of it and its bizarre. Is this a movie or something along the likes of it? Does this happen in reality?Does one make a wish at 12 and it comes true at 23? I don't know. I never thought that the 12 year old girl who'd lookup at the sky filled with stars and blow wishes into the starry sky, who'd be in love with the tricks the moonlight could play would one day in the distant future have her wish come almost true.....sometimes what you want is right where you left it....