Sep 17, 2006

thats the way it is

okie i was itching to write so here i am with a new post.actually blogging is so public maybe thats why i find it hard putting my thoughts down.anyways i am on da threshold of a new is over and i am heading out to the big bad world as everyone likes putting it as.but i was soooooo soooooo done wth college and pune.think sometimes we have an overdose of a particular place and the ppl.too many memories.good and bad ones.there were times i thought i'd jus leave and never look back.yeah i am neva gonna look back.i don't even feel bad as so many of them do.they suffer from da "i am missing pune" blues.they rush back for the alumni meet or feel sad that they cannot make it becos of work.i don't even wanna go back ever.again i do not seem to be makin i ever make sense for that matter??????

but this is the way its gonna be.i am goin to a city i don't wanna be castle of cards has come plonking down again.over and over again its the same story and i so hate it.