Dec 26, 2010

I bought nuuuu shoesss!!!!!!!!!

I bought new red crocs and I lauuu them. Please to be sharing the excitement with me. I am proudly walking around in them all over. Heheheh!

Dec 24, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

And I would have had a white Christmas instead of the sunny one I am having right now. How life changes? The only constant seems to be the change. The best laid plans indeed went awry.

Dec 13, 2010

I love winter. I do.

I love winter. I do. I am loving the cold weather even if one has to wake up to freezing mornings which are so sunshiny with the cold nibbling away at us at every given opportunity. I lauuuu the warm water baths,  the steamy mirrors when I can’t barely see my own reflection, my furry pink knitted socks, toasting my feet in front of my miniature blower, cuddling up inside my purple quilt and my peach blanket.  I bought this gorgeously fruity banana shampoo the other day. I don’t know how appealing that sounds but my hair sure smells all yummy. Last night I even enjoyed the feel of the biting cold wind on my face as I hitched a ride on a cycle rickshaw back home. I was wrapped up of course in the warmest and woolliest red shawl but the wind continued to whistle in my ears. Wow I am all about smells and colours all of a sudden.

Dec 5, 2010

Dooriyan Bhi Hai Zaroori

Its Sunday morning and I am snuggled under my quilt with the heater at a comfortable distance perched on top of a new polka dotted pink stool I picked up the other day at a flea market. Not that pink polka dots go with the décor of my room that I tried keeping to an earthy orange and bright yellow but it sure goes with me and my love for most things pink.  I saw Bride Wars and The Ugly Truth back to back last evening. Wow that definitely elucidates my social life on a Saturday night. Sigh! Sometimes like for an hour last evening I was actually feeling a little low thinking why, why do I have to do the “sitting at home alone and watching tv” routine every once in a while on Saturday nights these days but the other option being hanging out with people one doesn’t like to rub shoulders with more than once in 2 weeks. I much prefer my own company. Thank you.

I had a fabulous fabulous Saturday evening two weeks back with Fino, her sister Bratty and the B. Fino and I met up after a year and a half and it happened to be her birthday too. We couldn’t stop talking all afternoon and later at night we were at the B’s place for drinks and a scrumptious Bengali dinner. The drinks were flowing and so was the conversation. I must say his daughter is an adorable little thing and to think her Daddy is B. We have come a long way indeed from our being perennially stoned days in college. I wonder how many rounds of shots we had at TC that night, the drive back home being a complete blur. Of course I do recollect hazily the drunk dials made and Red Head trying to console me. (Damn I miss my friends. Like old old friends.) However what I do remember very clearly is getting up next morning at 6 and trying to wake Fino up.  What followed was a whirlwind as we realized the cab guy had come at 4:45 and tried calling me up for half an hour and I continued was to cancel the call in my alcohol induced sleep. I don’t know how they managed reaching the airport and catching the flight on time but they did. Fino left her phone behind in the mad scurry and I had to courier it to her.   Fino and I couldn’t stop laughing about how Bratty blamed B for having gotten us so drunk that they almost missed their flight. Thank god for small mercies like living close to the airport.

Work has been pretty decent all thanks to a couple of new people I have said hullo hi to in office or rather old people who I have gotten to know. However the urge to get out is stronger every day. Met up with M and Gandalf at the DGC day before. Was naice catching up with them over wine and I stuffed myself with these delicious mushrooms not to forget my eternal favourite fish fingers with lots of mayonnaise.  Gandalf’s jokes just get more and more funny dirty everytime. He is incorrigible. Now I can even predict a joke coming up and he can look through my “lost little girl not knowing what is happening around her” act. Damn it! Hehehe! It is supposed to work more than that.

I saw Harry Potter last Saturday and loved it. I got someone an unexpected a gift the other day and yeah unexpected it actually was. Isn’t it nice when someone gets you an surprise gift? I can’t remember the last time I got one. Even flowers would do actually. Sigh! Sigh! Oh and I have been off Facebook for almost 2 weeks now. What a relief? Or maybe its just a phase. It was just too much frivolous information to process and right now I need to process other stuff in my head.

Dec 4, 2010

“When I look into the future, it's so bright it burns my eyes.”

Oprah Winfrey

Dec 3, 2010


I found this on I couldn't stop laughing.

a woman with the morals of a man. Hahahahahahahahah!

Dec 1, 2010

Wow Julian Assange's life right now will put a  James Bond flick to shame. The Interpol has just issued an arrest warrant against him and he is wanted by the majority of the European Governments not to forget the red faced United States government and his home country Australia  for having released top secret, highly confidential information to the world at large. Hahahaha! I wonder how many more secrets is Wikileaks gonna expose. Remember our very own Tarun Tejpal from Tehelka. Though this is on a much grander scale. Guess whose gonna have the last laugh ?