Dec 13, 2010

I love winter. I do.

I love winter. I do. I am loving the cold weather even if one has to wake up to freezing mornings which are so sunshiny with the cold nibbling away at us at every given opportunity. I lauuuu the warm water baths,  the steamy mirrors when I can’t barely see my own reflection, my furry pink knitted socks, toasting my feet in front of my miniature blower, cuddling up inside my purple quilt and my peach blanket.  I bought this gorgeously fruity banana shampoo the other day. I don’t know how appealing that sounds but my hair sure smells all yummy. Last night I even enjoyed the feel of the biting cold wind on my face as I hitched a ride on a cycle rickshaw back home. I was wrapped up of course in the warmest and woolliest red shawl but the wind continued to whistle in my ears. Wow I am all about smells and colours all of a sudden.

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