Jan 18, 2006

And Finally The Tables Are Startin To Turn..........

yeah finally the the tables are startin to turn.a lot of things have started to make sense and i am so sure that times will change .hell they have and well life is gonna take all of us to different places and frankly sayin i wouldn't wanna trade places with anybody.i am really apprehensive about my future but heyyyyyyyy i am getting there and shall get there someday .things will be fine and i shall be happy .i feel soooooooooo different now ,so much more in control and figured its useless wanting things too badly.what is mine will come to me and sometimes if u do want somethings badly u get them too.so we should always be careful about what we ask for ,what we pray for .

don't know where i am headed but i am on my way.and finally the tables are starting to turn ,talkin bout a revolution,,,,,,,,,,