Feb 5, 2008

Do you feel like a waffle?

I have been eating entirely too much lately. I am so guilty, I am so guilty I am so guilty. I am soooo sure that the weighing scales will be on a rise very soon. But then what in God’s name am I supposed to do if the weather is conducive to food, food and only food. I mean I cannot help but look forward to having hot parathas in the morning before going of for work. I love those parathas made in desi ghee. Yum Yum! On a cold chilly morning parathas are the only incentive that make me get up from my warm and cosy bed and take a shower cos the thought of them keeps me going. Lunch is an ordinary affair. But dinner often turns out to be a treat when I get to feast on some succulent food. Like the other day I got off work and was wondering what to do cos tis being a Saturday I really did not feel like heading home early. She and her boy asked me to meet them at Stone in Def Col. Now to be honest I really cannot afford to be shelling out 1500 to 2000 bucks on a meal since I am running on a tight budget. However some of my closest friends spoil me rotten especially She, her boy and Mona. I am their personal property as they have known me for close to three quarters of a decade now and She and I lived together in Pune for almost 5 years. We have seen real penury when we had nothing but 30 bucks in our pockets and hunger gnawing our stomachs and have had to make do with Maggi and Vada pav’s or Idli Sambar and the likes of it. I remember having to walk in unbearable heat through this particularly sunny stretch of road to reach to our chosen lunch destination and the walk was agonising as She and I cribbed and whined and cursed our luck for having decided to study in this blasted city. We have come a long long way. That calls for a whole new post actually. It is so strange when She and I sit across each other in classy restaurants that we couldn’t have dreamt of all those years back. Hopefully someday soon I’ll be able to do so too and take her out.
Anyways so I reached Stone with She and Boy met us there. Now out of sheer habit before ordering anything I tend to look at the right hand side for the prices. Boy asked me if I wanted to have wine and I politely said no knowing quite well that I really am in no position to be indulging myself only to be bombarded by him for always looking at the prices first and that I can have whatever I want. So there I was sipping Roze and mind you it was French wine and not an Indian make that I generally have. I was so happy and content. We had grilled prawns and I got to have prawn cocktail. Ane no it isn’t a drink. Anyone who even remotely likes sea food will know that it’s more like a prawn salad in mayonnaise. It is served in a tall stemmed glass and maybe that why it’s called a cocktail. By the time the night got a little older I was mellow with the wine and all the prawns I had feasted on. On my way home I was looking for ways and means to get out of this movie scene my roomie had made and I found the perfect excuse. I messaged her saying how happy and drunk I was and how much I loweeeee her. Heheh! Mind you tis loweeee not love ;). She called back saying “Woman now how much wine have you had?” I had had only 4 glasses but I said “8 Glasses”.
“Okie you are obviously ain’t in a state to sit through “American Gangster.”
“No I am not and I giggled.”
So me reached home and hit the bed. I went to sleep looking at this stoopid wall paper I have made of two pics of S and mine. We are wearing Santa hats and looking like a pair of fools. I was listening to this song called “Brighter than Sunshine” as I fell asleep looking forward to a fun Sunday. Sunday morning I went half the way across town to wake S up cos his royal highness had to give his car for servicing to some Maruti Service station in an obscure part of Gurgaon. Now which man waits for someone to come from 30 kms away to wake him up? Welcome to S’s world. The lazy bum that he is he refused to get up until I shook him up saying “Hullo I am here. Get up!” I think the funniest part in the day were the cycle rickshaw rides from the service station to the malls. He didn’t lemme smoke on the rickshaw cos he said this wasn’t Delhi and people would get scandalised. We merrily went around singing songs, trying to recognise buildings and bitching about how our college use to feel more like a corporate office and how the MDI building reminded him of Mayo and how much he’d love to stay in such a pretty place. I fell in love with the red brick buildings . I made him sit through this utterly macabre movie called “Touristas” which grossed me out at the end of it and I left him in the theatre to take a breather from the blood and gore. He said he’ll never ever let me choose the movie again hahaha! The most amusing conclusion he and I came to was on Saturday after a crazy night of partying when he said in a very matter of fact tone “Dude you know what! I think we guys drink more than normal people do.
Food for thought indeed. ;-)
I feel like a waffle.The kinds they serve freshly baked straight from the oven, with the maple syrup and sprinkled with fresh strawberries. I feel like going to Big Chill and having one right now. Anybody game for a waffle?