Jun 21, 2008

To my almost soul sister

To the most gorgeus woman I know.
To Preema
With lots of love.
Cause you said I never ever blogged about you.
Cause apparently you wanted to be written about too.
Well I am no writer and this is no great piece of literature.
But yes this our story.

From the very first introductions when you insisted on talking nineteen to dozen about life, love and other trivialities.
To last night when we got onto a rick at 11:30 at night to get fuel for our dear friend.
From all the stories we have cooked up just to spend perfectly innocent girly time together.
To the dreams woven together sitting in that room of yours.
From hoping against hope time and time again .
To falling down and getting up and trying once again.
From trying to chart out a new course in life.
To getting tipsy drunk in the car and dancing like fools.
From planning out a Saturday night with alcohol and yummy food.
To going off to sleep at 11 the same night only to get up at 5 in the morning cos you and I could not possibly sleep anymore.
From all those phone conversations we have had away from the prying eyes hahah!
To the time when we got happy just adding stupid sirnames behind our names :p!
From the time you got oh so angry and did not answer our calls for 2 whole days on the pretext of “I am gonna start howling plssss don’t call me.”
To the moment you actually walked into the house bashfully cos you knew we’d come and make up with you.
From the child that you love being.
To the woman of strength I see every now and then.
From the time I saw you sooo gleeful yet teary eyed one night with you know who.
To the time you asked me to stop lying as much as I was.
From the tomboy you can be when you want to.
To the beauty that you are oh so gracefully.
From the time when we first started looking for excuses on Saturday nights heheh!
To the time you sat by my side while I cried my heart out over someone and you told me to buck up and put on my smile and go right back in there and have fun and I did.
From the time you sneaked me out of your house at midnight.
To the moonlit night when we got chucked into the pool one after the other much to our dismay and secret delight.
From the time you said “Oh you can dance jus like me” (I know for the life of me I can’t. But I try to.)
To the time when you said “You never took my name with Akku and Shivi’s name when you said they were your bestest friends”.
From being just an acquaintance.
To being an almost soul sister.
Well to all those times and to many more times Preema. This one’s for you especially.


Anonymous said...

this is really bful!!!

Keshi said...

so beautiful!


SMM said...

Well...'m sure Preema is really going to treasure this one. A friend in school sent me a note during class which said " Your the chocolate sauce on my vanilla ice cream". Cheesy yes, definitely. But I still treasure that note :)

utopia said...

awwww yeayyy sup thats soooo cuteeee.

keshi thank you.

lover long long time :-)!

Sam said...

dats a ncie dedication!! :)

BananaFish said...

I agree she's the hottest thing I've seen in a while.