Feb 24, 2011

With the brush we merely tint, while the imagination alone produces colour.

I am feeling like James Bond today. Hahaha! So proud of my time management skills.

Plan to cook Butter Chicken with Nutty in the evening. I should remember to pick up cream.

I am wearing sea green beads with my green kurta. I picked up the most colourful beads from Either Or in Pune this time but somehow cannot find something to wear it with. Think I shall buy something just to match it with the pretty beads.

I wanna finish writing something I have been sitting around with for two whole days though I am so apprehensive about it. I am not confident of my writing skills right now. Hmmmmphhhh!

I spent a rainy rainy Sunday with Megha that included a scrumptious Chinese lunch, book shopping and ended it with coffee at her place while we happily FB stalked people we know in common or even those we don't know in common. How I enjoy FB stalking people with Shivi and Megha. Hehehe!

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