Feb 8, 2011

This is what happens....

This is what happens when you go back to a part of the world that was home once upon a time.
You meet old old friends, get all happy and giggly.
You can't wait to exchange notes and spill it all out.
One gets drunk over Bloody Marys, B52s and strange beer shots.
The sister is pronounced to be a mini version of me.
The jokes are so familiar, the kinds you wish someone cracked more often.
It doesn't feel alien like the city one lives in.
Warm, welcoming and fuzzy inside.
Holding hands and wondering next morning.
Ah well remnants of some old emotions, the last bit.
Picture after picture taken.
Dropping Mini Me at the airport while we bicker.
 A voice I heard early that morning and thinking if it was real after all.
A three hour long journey that ended with yummy Thai Lunch at Malacca Spice.
A newly done up beautiful and gorgeus house, with the prettiest knick knacks, that has R's signature style in every nook and cranny.
An evening spent with R and P with lots of conversations, laughter, some tears when one realises maybe I needed just this.
That voice once again.
Fitting into each other's lives or all this is gonna amount to are fragments of conversations?
Curiosity, confusion,  some peace and last of all maybe HOPE.


akanksha said...

Awwww that is sooo sweet. maybe , this is what I need and need real bad.

Brought tears to my eyes! Sometimes, revisiting the past with a new avtaar is just all it takes to bring abck lost hope! I wish I get that hope, too!

Shivi said...

It sounds lovely...perfect actually. I'm soo glad you got to go.. you so needed it :)