Feb 16, 2011

Apni bhi koi uljhan ko door karkey dikha do humko....

:-)  Seriously after all the talks I have had with my BFFs and some really good friends over the past one week and a half (in various different parts of the country) if I can finally see sense I shall have to thank the following :-

1) Finooooo: What would I ever do without you in my times of mindboggling confusion ? Even the fact that you sat me down in that coffee shop called Aromas ( man did it stink or did it not stink. hahaha! ) in FC Road and made me tell you exactly what I had in my mind and  how exactly I planned to go about it and that you have never ever given me such a strong piece of your mind when you broke down every myth I had in my mind. Think I was almost in tears but I guess I needed this. Sigh! Now I am not gonna talk just act. I don't know how far I shall get but somewhere I shall get for sure. Oh and we finally figured the name of that Doors song after so many years. Yeayyyyyyyyy! "Touch Me Baby". : D

2) Rad: Mother hen you were like those couple of days and oh so understanding. I miss your constant questioning and I can't thank you enough for the long talk you, me and Finooo had that day in the balcony. I lauuuu your house. Think I told you that enough number of times. I wanna see more of you and Nik. :-)  Not to forget Nik for the constant supply of brownies and goodies and the music in the car he plays which I'll always remember.

3) Saggy: The more I say the lesser it seems. You don't read my blog ever but one Sunday spent with you was enough to realise what I miss the most about living in Bangalore. My Counsellor who almost always gets my sanity, my eccentricities and my wild streak.

4) Hazel Eyes: For patting my head so many times that night in the balcony as I sat lost in my wine induced haze and  ranted and raved about life and its unfairness and cos you think I have a good vocabulary. I knew I did but it feels good coming from you psycho. On a more serious note you have always been around and help me out when I least expect it though I know I suck at keeping in touch and despite the funny history we have had we are friends. :-)

5) P: For coming up with the most outrageous suggestion over chat on gtalk one Saturday afternoon. ;-) Though it does seem elusive right now but I think I finally saw something for what it is worth. Heheheh! This one's for girly, tipsy times I look forward to spending with you. ;-)

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Sagarika said...

I read your post... or whatever you caller it in your blogger language :)I will read the rest of your blogs with a nice glass of wine...