Mar 21, 2011

A fabulous piece of news, Calcutta Chronicles and an alarming fight... Heheh!

Hullo I do have stories to tell. Lots and lots.  I have had a great day beginning with a piece of fabulous news from Finooo who got through Harvard for her PhD and all of us cannot stop stomping our feet out of happiness along with her. Heheh! I have my shopping chronicles to write about and oh what an eventful afternoon it has been with my Mum and Nutty. I think they can be the most amazing people to shop with and the most nightmarish simultaneously. How can I ever put down on paper the horrific fight those two had over a pair of shoes?

Yes that measly pair of shoes was what they fought over and all because Mum thought Nutty bought one for the price of two while I bought two pairs for a lesser amount. There were fireworks in New Market as Nutty walked away with a huff and a puff in one direction and Mum walked off in another and I did not know whom to run after and whom to console or whom to side up with and finally ended up scolding both of them for creating such a scene.

All our fights were forgotten once we entered Chamba Lamba as I bought a pair of delicate silver anklets for myself and ear rings for Mum and a nose stud for Nutty. Now anyone who grew up in Calcutta in the 90s will know the Tibetean Curio shop called Chamba Lamba where we spent many an afternoon during school days buying numerous beautiful things all silver and the oohhs and aahhhs as they took out their gorgeus trinkets for us school girls to drool over. Strangely Chamba Lamba still has that effect on me and I am transferred back into that veritable fairy land everytime I visit it.

We hopped over from Chamba Lamba to Nahoum's and feasted on Brownies and their divine chicken patties. As a rule the health conscious me avoids such oily and sinful treats but today was an exception since coming home has become such a rare occasion albeit a joyous one each time. :-) After that the three of us headed to the stinkiest and oldest part of New Market cos Ma wanted to pick up chicken for her biriyani and we stood around making faces as the shop owner went about beheading the poor chicken with such clinical precision. Came back home all tired and happy with  my goodies.I can't wait to wear my chappals, and kurtas and my trinkets.

Last evening Nutty and I met up with Tinni at the Bridge in Park and these two could not stop chattering and gossiping. My God they have some capacity and yes so do I. Hehehe! My Great Aunt whisked up the most delectable prawn curry for Sunday lunch and its called Chingri Machher Malai Curry in Bengali and I wish I could have done justice to it. Why, oh why do I have to be genetically predisposed towards putting on weight? ;-) I even went for the longest run and felt happy and healthy.

On days like these I feel yes Baba is looking over us. :-)


SS said...


To happy, happy, joy, joy! That I can see through your shopping. :D

DoDo said...

absolutely love those chappals and earrings. :D :D
- Swayam