Mar 16, 2011

I need a new recipe for chicken curry.... :-)

I cannot seem to stop laughing today like laugh laugh till my sides hurt laugh or laugh till I have to crouch and sit down on the cafeteria floor laugh. Laughing on such absurd things like the atrocious language used in a poorly drafted letter or some silly little incident that happened eeons ago but we are reminiscing the same and the laughter just came gushing out of me sputtering out refusing to stop.

I am going home this weekend after a long long time after having waged a battle with my Mum the past weekend for wanting to go on a mini holiday at this prized destination that I have been dying to visit as long as I can remember. Mum with her iron will did not budge an inch so that holiday was bid adieu to. Hmmmmphhhhhh! I am holding it against her so to make up she is indulging me and buying me a new LCD television set. Yeayyyyyy! Though that still doesn’t compensate for exotic holiday that I missed.

Have called the mad Abhi home for dinner and I have promised myself that she shall be fed 700 gms of chicken while I make do with the remaining 300 gms. Though I wanna try some new recipe this time. My Cook Sister did not answer her phone to give me fresh ideas on how to spice up the chicken. So I am thinking. Still thinking. :-)


akanksha said...

Nice!!! :) Keep the smiles coming!! :D
Being a vegetarian myself, can't suggest any recipes though.

But it makes me soooooo happy that u're happy. Life is getting better, for both of us!

She said...

Good to read about the senseless laughter. Sorry about the forsaken holiday, but a permanent telly maybe a better idea than a temp vacation? About the chicken, well, if your careful measurements have room for some curry, try a basic tomato, onion and capsicum one with fenugreek (lovely seasoning)but if the strict diet calls for grilled chicken, well, marinate and grill baby.