Mar 6, 2011

You have suffered enough and warred with yourself it's time that you won...

I realised today:-

1. I love being in charge especially at work. Damn it I have actually evolved into such a Leo.  Its such a far cry from the days when I would slip into the shadows far far away from the limelight. The stars are definitely way stronger than I thought they were.

2. Its great fun meeting fellow bloggers. I met up with A and I really didn't feel like we had met up for the first time as we chatted and exchanged stories over brownies and Chocolate Fantasies. Of course it does help if one has been reading her blog for almost 4 years now and that we seem to be going through a similar crisis in life. ;-) The pitfalls of being 27 going on 28 I tell you.

3. I am so happay for this friend of mine. Sigh! Maybe, just maybe we were right all those years back in believing what we had believed so staunchly.

4.  I miss "Mr.You Got Me At Hullo". If you read this ever will you know that this is "you" I am talking about?

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