Mar 13, 2011

When I get a chance to sit it out silently or talk, I talk. :D

The Kings's Speech brought tears to my eyes. Each of us have our own battles to fight and sometimes the battle might be with yourself while giving a televised speech in front of the nation that is looking at you to be a symbol of hope and courage as a war is declared or it might be something as minute as taking part in a college debate wherein all you wanna do is to run away because you are terrified of facing the audience consisting of your contemporaries in law college. I have had a stutter as long as I can remember and it was Fino's idea that I take part in this debate to get rid of my trauma of public speaking and encouraged me all the way and did so without fail every year making sure I mooted when I wanted to do anything and everything but face my worst fears. I don't remember much of that day and I don't even remember what I was debating on but I do remember that the only face I looked at in the audience was Finoooo's and I do remember that all too familiar and dreaded feeling of breathlessness overpowering me as I started reading that speech out aloud.  I didn't do magnificently at all in that debate  but I  learnt one lesson  that day which has stayed with me and always shall and and that is when I do get a chance to sit it out silently or talk, I talk. Yup I talk.

P.S : A lot of people now don't recognise this speech impediment of mine and are surprised if I tell them that I am afflicted with the same. I say I have perfected the art of disguising it. Hahahah! Though yes it someways it still is a battle with myself.

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