May 30, 2009

You could be my someone

I wish we were built to function as single entities, independent units who don't crave human touch as often we do. Sometimes I think that feeling of so near yet so far is maddening. I can see you, hear you, almost touch you and I'd like to know you and so would you but I know we never will. I don't wanna be meeting the likes of you any longer. I don't wanna be meeting the kinds with whom I can instantly relate to, have so much fun with during the course of a couple of hours but realise I can't have more for whatever reasons. Yes I really wish I could be custom made to operate as a single unit who can survive completely on her own. I can see the loneliness sometimes. Its amazing how many of them are out there. I am scared they shall be able to see through my veil too. Yes wouldn't it be so much easier if that very need of wanting to be with someone was erased?

"Alone, all alone nobody, but nobody can make it out here all alone."

Maya Angelou


akanksha said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww :(
I feel more os less tha same as u do.:( Haven't found a way out yet.

It is disheartening and doesn't let me be me at times...Hope u feel better soon.

Take care:)

I am not blogrolled:(

Arjun said...

loneliness.... we crave it but cannot live with it.
I wonder sometimes what would happen if I was the last living person the face of this earth... what would I do then? I shudder!!!!

Rambler said...

hmm its interesting how much is hidden in human touch, it can talk so much

Hi Im Morgana! said...

I have just read your blog and it is absolutely inspiring and beautiful. Thank you so much Morgana x

J said...

Yeh, sometimes I wish that too... could have achieved so much more in life.. but then, everybody eventually needs somebody.

Jinu P said...

dont go! :(

Aw.S.M said...

I would never wish that. Coz yeah it sux to be lonely but the times we spend with the ones we love are so wondrous and so beautiful that its worth the lonely times we spend alone.
Yes loneliness sux but sometimes loneliness lets you know you for what you really are.


The Guy Next Door said...

Like Hugh Grant says at the start of About a Boy "Every man is an island". Thankfully he realises by the end of the movie that though everyone is an island, some of the islands are linked to each other - that underneath they are all connected :)

That movie always cheers me up when I feel lonely - Get a DVD if you havent watched it already.

Hows the packing coming along? Actually let me call you right now....

justfeltlike said...

Man! I feel exactly that! Infact, I've seen some people who can live alone and be happy for days. They're self sufficient and happy. I really wish I could be like them but the need to connect overpowers you.

Keshi said...

Very interesting post and one that's really honest too.

We humans r born alone and we die alone too. Yet we hv an inherent need in us to long for company. I wish it wasnt there. Cos I know how u feel...totally! trust me when I say that..and its a constant battle.