May 26, 2009

Nobody said this was easy....

It took 25 whole years for real life to come knocking at my door and now I can't wait for it to get over and for the rest of my life to begin. Why am I talking in riddles? Today while making dinner (methi chicken) I realised that cooking is one of those rare things that comes easy to me. I have forgotten how the word "easy" use to sound like or how it feels when it isn't too difficult and everything falls into place miraculously. Yes I have been on one of those pensive moods. But so would you be if you get up on a Monday morning realising well I don't need to go for work any longer and that I have actually given my resignation letter but why am I still feeling guilty for sitting at home for a legitimate reason? Thats what the last 8 months or so have done to me and I can't even sit at home for a day without work and not feel guilty.

Why do I have to pack up time and time again and start from scratch? So this is the price I have to pay for the life I lead before and all my past shenanigans. I don't drink at all these days and its hard to imagine a me that drank copious amounts for the longest time. Jinu and I went to Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday and had 2 glasses of fresh lime soda and spoke and spoke as if the world was about to come to an end and this was the last time we were meeting. Now who goes to Hard Rock on a summer afternoon and drinks fresh lime sodas instead of guzzling a beer except for the likes of me and Jinu hahaha! There is always so so much to discuss and so much to dream, to plan, to hope and the castles in the air we build are too enticing to resist. I am gonna miss her a lot when I leave. Hmphhhh!

Seems like I have to be making the right friends just before biding adieu to this city. I made another really good friend in a space of a few weeks and I have known her forever and both of us are amazed that we never chilled before despite knowing the whole world in common. We share a love for food and we meet every weekend and try out a restaurant and a new cuisine each time. Its such good fun discussing work, love and life over a plate of tamarind chicken or dum pukht biriyani. Something very very comforting about thai red curry cos the last 3 consecutive weekends I have been having that for sunday lunch.

Batty and I have yet again charted the course of our whole "new"life out (sans lecherous, eccentric, slavedriverish employers) right from the degree, to the new country, the job, the boy to her wedding, to the new house in California and vacations to be taken together with our better halfs and the dogs and even the jokes on my better half. Yes we are definitely suffering from an insanity that comes from talking late hours on a Sunday night knowing there isn't any office to go to on a monday morning.

Yes the nightly conversations are surely gonna be missed and so is the switch from the Brit English to native tongue and back to Brit English. Its so darn easy getting use to having people around. They seem to come and go and this wretched life doesn't keep an account. Or does it?


Keshi said...


**Seems like I have to be making the right friends just before biding adieu to this city

It happens all the time doesnt it! :(


Jinu P said...

yes Piggy Chops! :D

tell batty i stole the name too for the better ;-)

It isnt sad that u make friends just b4 u leave but instead it is good that u eventually meet them just before u leave, the ones u would nt have realized are there for u if u wouldnt have met them in the last few days.

long live fones and emails twinnie! dont let the place bother u much cuz the place is not Delhi or Bangalore but the place is your heart.

DPhatsez said...

Pick up your bags and just go. The road is free, Run!

bloghopped from Jinu. Hi!


Pete said...

Life keeps an account. But usually not wretchedly. Hard experiences effect you on the surface and underneath.

Avoiding the same mistakes, bad people, bad setups, learning is the value.

Anyway thats what I've learned over too many years :)


Swayam said...

life always turns around.. and it will.. everything is transient... this too shall pass as they say... hold on... and enjoy whatever life offers, that is the only way out.. no matter what crap it doles out...

ps: i so love your blog... and probably all my worldly wisdom appears all loud talk, because i still dont know the works of the world...