Mar 1, 2012

Waiting For My Real Life To Begin

There you go. I do wake up happier and lighter each day. I knew I would eventually but it would happen this soon has been such a welcome surprise. The first few days were almost like I was choking, couldn’t breathe, then came the waiting part in Bombay and for the first time in my life I did not poke, prod or beg. I just sat around at Batty’s place, ate lots of yummy food in various joints in Bandra, drank a gallon of Sangria, I am ashamed to say but smoked copious amounts and spent oodles of time with Shivi and Cow. Cow and I had the yummiest Khow Suey at Lemon Grass and how I loved the Pork Sorpotel at Café Goa. There was that evening spent at WTF and damn it alcohol is so freaking cheap there. Shivi and I were all dolled up, just the two of us, sitting in one corner and sipping our drinks while I had a mini heart attack with the sighting of every clean shaven bald head until ironically we bumped into a bunch of bald guys and the evening turned out to be pure fun and one which I shall remember for a long long time to come.

Closure came to me finally on my last day in Bombay that okay its gone, over. I packed my bags and quietly left the city and this time I had the fondest memories despite the circumstances that I actually came in. Back in Delhi life has been just a continuous trail of get togethers, drinking, one night of partying and there have been dinners and drinks in Khan Market almost 4 days a week. I was also wanting to fill up empty space and being around with people does help. To top it all this transfer has happened and I’ll be home for some 6 months. My second Delhi Chapter comes to an end in another 2 weeks. This time I think the future will pan out differently. It has never seemed this clear before. Well shall give it my best shot and then all I can do is to sit back and see how it turns out to be.

"Don't you understand I already have a plan. I am waiting for my real life to begin."


Pesto Sauce said...

I am really curious to visit Bandra. I have never spent much time in Bombay nor do I know much about the city but one of my close buddies here was from Bandra and going by his tales, it seems a real live place

And why are you ashamed of smoking up, its all natural

Shivi said...

Enough. Fastly come back now.

A confused man said...

Don't miss out on life waiting for "your real life" to begin......... This is it buddy...... Does'nt get better or worse than the present :)