Mar 22, 2012

And I am leaving most of it unsaid

 The last one week passed away in a wine induced daze and meetings and meetings at work. I had this zen state of mind on and I didn’t cry and I still haven’t but for that lump in my throat when I hear old voices on the phone.  Where did the last two years vanish? How I cribbed, complained and hated that place and work and people when I first came. I remember that cold freezing winter morning in January when I tried to make out the outline of the office building in dense fog and bang opposite was an empty, half built, ugly, gigantic structure waiting to be completed and what stands as the T3 Terminal now and my first feeling was that of revulsion and  the thought that nooooooooooooooo what am I doing over here. Sigh! Well to say the least but the last 2 years or so have made me realise  what I should be doing in future.  Rest I am just leaving unsaid, most of it actually. Hoping to be pleasantly surprised in the future if God and Destiny is kind enough that is.

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Pesto Sauce said...

I also had same feeling when I left Delhi....but for good