Mar 28, 2012

The meals just get "FISH"ier and "FISH"ier....

The meals get “FISH”ier and “fish”ier each day. Hehe! I am not complaining about food at all. In Calcutta if one is a foodie there is very little one can grumble about. Though I miss M dreadfully.  Two years of hanging out at least twice a week and going for all those holi-holidays that we did and suddenly it is just phone calls that feel so inadequate.  The last month or so she was home almost every day. How can I not mention J? Yet again phone calls are just toooo impersonal when for an entire year and half  it was just calling each other from one cubicle to the other and the chai breaks and the chaat breaks in the canteen and J’s constant agony that the boys cannot be seen hanging out with me all the time. Haha! I never gave a flying fuck.  I argued with them, I threw tantrums, I fought, I cried, I would grumble every second day  but then we would forget all our tiny little grievances against each other and  make up ever so fast and we were a happy family once again. We came to work together, we got out of work together, took the Metro home together, spent at least half an hour in the market doing absolutely nothing but eating gol gappas and momos every day  and now there are these empty  taxi rides back home when it is just me looking out at the sunset sky. What I don’t miss is coming back home to an empty house! Mommy is ever present with the mad maids who are forever in some squabble or the other with a dash of my sister whose home during weekends with her mad bunch. Home is noisy but I also remember a time when it was noisier with Dad around. When I think of that then life does seem a little more silent now. But we won’t dwell on that. We shall dwell on happier things. Cheers to that.


Insignificant said...

Hey, thank you for that explanation about where you were moving! It wasn't needed, but it was really nice of you. And it seems like you're sort of happy at home. You win some, you lose some, I suppose!

Spider42 said...

Been a while since I dropped in and my apologies for that!

Change is never easy and often uninvited or wanted - especially when it takes away people and things we care for, even if its just for a while or not entirely.
But it can be a good thing if you use it as a chance to do something new or different instead of the same old comfortable habits. Believe me, I'm a lazy creature of habit, but rocking the boat now and again can be a good thing in the long run if you let it.
'M' is not gone from your life, merely not a permanent resident. Keep that friendship alive and someday you'll be doing those and others things again - in the meantime, be happy the best you can because life's too short.
Remember the past, take joy and wisdom from it - but never dwell on the loss of it. After all, whats past is past right?
All the best, cheers...

akanksha said...
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akanksha said...

Relocated???? :-o And that's why the new number.

Anyways,I feel this change is for the best, and life can only get better from now.

I know what it is, to return home, to an empty apartment.Although, I try not to think about it, coz I am basically, happier, here. But still, the fact haunts me at times and I am so glad you don't have to put up with it anymore.

Shall call u soon :)

Take care and stay happy!