Apr 27, 2011

Just another chapter

I believe “Booooo” is my favourite exclamation these days on all messengers though understandably so it never has the desired effect on my friends. Hahaha!

I am loaded with workyet when I find time alone with my thoughts I keep asking myself the bloody same questions. Sigh! I think at some level I am tired of myself and my predictable reactions to the same situations. Sometimes I feel that whewwww after coming such a long long way it still seems the same and makes me feel like life hasn’t moved an inch forward. I think as we grow older we like to believe we are evolving, life is evolving and we are more mature and we shall deal with situations differently in a more controlled manner. Well you know what that is utter rubbish cause I have seen some of us react the identical way we did years back to situations today. Hahaha!

What a revelation? To think I was trying to convince Fino today that I am dealing with certain circumstances in a different way for a change and she refused to believe me and why would she when my track record on the same is MISERABLE. I am a very bad judge of character where the men in my life have been concerned so much so that I have reached a point wherein if I am interested in a guy I have asked my close friends to remind me that there has to be something wrong in the man. I cannot possibly like somebody regular and nice. I only like men who either lose interest too soon or are just not interested in me or they screw my happiness. Giving them the benefit of doubt I am sure they probably don’t intend to but hell the result is almost always the same. It is a pattern isn’t it? . I think sometimes we just need to be alone.

Tinni was here last weekend and what a ball we had as we shopped till we dropped and wined and dined like Kings. Hehehe! The scariest thing happened on our way back from TC on Saturday evening. We guys were in a rick cos I was in my “saving money” mode though Madam had been so adamant we book a cab but I was hell bent on taking a rick back. We were followed from Vasant Kunj to the Domestic Airport by this bunch of guys in a car and they had the audacity to get off their car at a signal and threaten me saying “you either give me your phone number or we’ll keep following you.” I confess I was petrified and Tinni witnessed eve teasing at a completely different level that night. I mean in Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore or even Bombay we haven’t been subjected to such treatment by lecherous men but Delhi men win hands down where crass, uncouth and appalling behavior towards women is concerned. What is it with this city that evokes such uncivilized reactions in men? I don’t get it. Anyways thankfully I got a brainwave and decided that we’ll head to the domestic airport and station ourselves next to the first cop and not move from there until those hooligans leave. I think airports make me feel oh so safe. Hahah! That is exactly what happened. They left as soon as we took a turn for the airport realizing they lost the game. We heaved a sigh of relief and took a cab home this time. Alls well that ends well. However I am not hopping on to any ricks late at night. Period.


akanksha said...

Never ever take a rick in the night.This is Delhi - the most unsafe place for women.

The worst Eve-teasing happens in UP and Delhi. They are the champions!

The Dude said...

agreed, late night ricks in this town should be avoided and its sad but I hold that a female should never travel alone and even if there's more then one, ideally should have at least one guy along - it discourages a lot of losers immediately as not worth the hassle.

Largely these asses come from Nouveau-riche homes where their folks are (as in much of UP) former farmers or landowners who sold off a load and have come into a butt-load of money or are simply spoiled kids of families that had nothing and have suddenly hit it big for whatever reason. The kids grow up with no respect, no restraint and no idea of decency and class and are largely sexually frustrated twats.

As far as predictability and bad choices in men go... well you aint the first to do so and won't be the last, hell I do some similar stuff with the women I fall for enough of the time as in fall for the one's I really shouldn't and then being a decent guy that just screws me over in the end.
Important thing in such matters I guess is that if you realise the flaw at least you've started there which is more then most and stuff like telling your friends to remind you and such, it shows you want to learn and grow - so don't beat yourself up about it.

Cheers.. (thats MY favourite exclamation!)

Pesto Sauce said...

Delhi is the unsafest city....never even dare go alone. And all girly masti should be behind closed doors