Apr 20, 2011

Come May

I have been wanting to write for the last couple of days but I am mostly tired by the time I actually get down to sitting peacefully in the corner of my sparsely furnished living room and invariably the next day blogging about something that seemed so bloggable last night doesn’t seem tempting enough.

Delhi has been having very pleasant weather off late. Surprise, Surprise but it has been the coolest April in years. However I can feel the heat coming, can feel it in my bones, the long power cuts, the permanent furnace that the world turns into when all we want to do is to stick to the air conditioning. Such extreme weather and come summer the one topic that is going to dominate the rest is gonna be (note FB statuses) weather.

I read this beautiful book called Kartography by this Pakistani author called Kamila Shamsie. She captured the political turmoil in Pakistan in 1971 and the aftermath in the eighties so thoughtfully and sensitively. I was utterly transported to Karachi and after a long time I read a book I did not want to get over with. Sometimes, though as a child it was so much more often, but sometimes when I am reading a good book I don’t feel like coming out of my storybook world and Kartography was one such book. Maybe it a sign of being an escapist or maybe I just needed to distract myself. Also imagination can be such a powerful tool.

I saw the moon day before in the evening while I took a bike ride home from the Sector 6 market with Vik and the moon looked, round, bright with tinges of yellow almost like a ripe juicy orange waiting to be eaten. Hahah! I pointed it out to Vik who sadly did not see any beauty in it. Sigh! Why do I even bother these boys? R, J and I had spent an entire evening roaming around in the market, whacking the mosquitoes, having juice and gol gappas and talking about appraisals and thinking of ways and means to go to Bhatinda for R’s wedding. J wants to go by car and Vik insists on a train. I left it to them to make a decision as I am game for whatever they decide.

I haven’t been to Punjab in a while. I don’t count my one visit to Chandigarh for a day for an arbitration as a visit at all but of course there was Rad’s shaadi when we were in Chandi for 3 whole days for the Big Fat Punjabbi wedding. :D I spent two years in Punjab in this small town called Pathankot when I was 8. J’s is from Himachal and his town Nurpur is 2 hours away from Pathankot and most of the times when anyone asks him where are you from he just says Himachal so when I asked him exactly wherefrom and said I had been there he was pleasantly surprised. He was under the impression that them big city people would have never heard of his home town.

Come May and I am going to have lots of houseguests starting from my sister her crazy best friend Malvika and of course Mommy. Before that Tinni is staying over for 3 days this Good Friday weekend. Yeayyyyyy! I am sooooo excited as I am sorted till June. Hahah! I am a sucker for good company I tell you. But aren’t we all?


The Dude said...

We are all indeed suckers for good company, though admittedly some people are more tolerant of house-guests then others! ;)

Nice post btw, love the posted art (I have a soft spot for this style of oriental artwork!) and that opening line... hit home for me pretty darn solidly. And I concur with the feeling of not wanting to leave some fictional worlds :D I end up revisiting them regularly myself.

And yeah, Delhi's been havin some killer weather but you know what? Even though I know its going to hot up Im not even thinking about it and just want to enjoy what nice days I have while I still have them! :)
Keep writing and all the best on your punjab trip.

Pesto Sauce said...

Enjoy the company....being alone is fun but having company is anytime better