Apr 7, 2011

Find time to smell the coffee maybe....

I realize that over the course of the last one year a lot of my posts took shape this way as a consequence of me feeling dreadfully sleepy. As in I would suddenly find myself free of work one afternoon as a result of working like a maniac the whole morning and then the sleep monster comes visiting and trying to spread its tentacles on one more innocent bystander/ hapless human being and all one wants to do is to grip the monster by its shoulders and shake him till his teeth shatter and shoooooo the sleep away. I hate feeling sleepy in the afternoon if there isn’t any possibility of catching that much coveted afternoon nap. It is a luxury only reserved for Sundays and come to think of it even on Sundays I find myself doing household chores and the rare times I actually manage to take that long long nap I for all intents and purposes wake up all grumpy late evening. So afternoon naps and me are so not made for each other.

So here I was reviewing something unimportant and scanning through a couple of my favourite blogs trying to fight the sleep away. I tried, I tried but damn it the sleep made me feel soooooooo groggy. I kept putting that coffee off thinking I’ll wait until R comes back from site and we can grab a coffee together until I realized noooooo this “ I am gonna fall asleep on my desk and actually be caught napping very very soon ” cannot happen in reality. So I got up with a mission, took my wallet and walked till the GMR cafeteria and ordered a Latte for myself from the Coffee Day Express. I have finally learnt how to appreciate these small mercies now. Yeah I have. :-)

I bought myself a packet of Cream Cracker and helped myself to the Latte and a bite of my favourite biscuit. That first sip and I knew what I had been missing all day. Damn it I had gone the whole day without coffee since I ran out of the house early this morning at some god forsaken hour for some work in Ghaziabad. I happily munched away the biscuits and drank my entire cup of coffee all by myself sooooooo gladly. I don’t think I have ever ever enjoyed a cup of coffee this much ever before in my whole life. Now I know what that eternal optimist who coined the term “take time to smell the coffee” meant. :-) Reallyyy I felt so happy just to be alive and content enough to appreciate this small moment that I bought a packet of Oreos for the boys and the glee on their faces as I gave them the packet and the way they fought over each crumb left me with a smile on my face.

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akanksha said...

And, I am loving it!!!! :) :) :)