Jul 25, 2010

And I'll never be satisfied until there is nothing left that I haven't tried."

“Do you know what you are getting into before you make snap decisions like that?”

“Its worked with me 27 years of my life. I mean almost.”

“Sounds fair but hear me out. This time it is gonna be slightly different.”

Years later when I look back that one evening and one conversation we had in my room in the lamp light, you on my bed and me on my orange chattai, will be the one memory that stands out in the many hundreds of memories I have of you.

Moving on to more happy things. Supriya and I went a teeny meeny bit berserk yesterday as she encouraged me to shop till I drop for Goa. I began rather innocently wanting to pick up a pair of shorts from the sale and landed up with a complete alternate wardrobe for Goa. Sigh! I can’t wait to wear all that colourful clothing. Tee hee! Such excitement I say.

I began last week rather tearfully with my usal melodrama and ended it on a cheerful note shopping with Sup. That was just what the doctor ordered cos my mid-week blues threatened to overcome all the possible happiness. We spoke and spoke and even if we meet once in 6 months and don’t talk on the phone at all but for the g talk sessions once in a while, it is so easy to talk to her as one can say of close friends. I didn’t feel like going back to my empty house and to my thoughts on a Saturday evening so I stayed out till 10:30. By the time I got back I was filled to the brim with glee over my newly acquired clothes and the usal thrill over my new bath gel, shampoo, face scrub etc. Gawddd how I love such simple pleasures.

Guess what I picked up the other day? A pedestal fan. Yes my ceiling fan is good for nothing and having the AC on all the time is proving to be a lil expensive on my pockets especially in this rainy season as many a time you don’t need the AC at all but for my useless ceiling fan. So here I am with a brand new white pedestal fan that works beautifully and transports me to my very own windy land. I carried it on a cycle rickshaw all the way from Sector 12 to Sector 7 where I live much to the amusement of the passersby.

As I type all of this down I realize I have had no profound realization off late that I would like to share or nothing funny to relate. I am just babbling for nothing. There was one heart rending conversation that shall play on my mind forever but then that is all. I am actually living one day to the other not planning at all. Wowwww! When did this happen?


The Guy Next Door said...

Excited for the new wardrobe to theek hain, but for the shower gel and face scrub too!!!!! Only u !!!!

And Goa??? I am so jealous :(

We were planning to go to the beach today but the weather is dire.

Anyway, keep chirping even if u don't have much happening

Anonymous said...

Sat evening was fun but plz don't blame the shopping mania on me woman :P

You needed to shop...and when you asked me abt my close friends the other day, I didn't taker your name but I do count you in there :)

Anonymous said...

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