Oct 6, 2013

Of stressful Sundays

Today has been a strange Sunday. I have been stressed all day with the moot problem which isn't much really but in my head it has taken on gigantic proportions. Sigh! I want enjoy this experience of studying and trying to grasp new things and interacting with so many new people from all over but I am always running this race to keep up the pace. On days like today I just loathe the work load. Maybe I complain too much and I am unable to detach myself as easily as others.

So we went to Club Street last night which has restaurants and clubs lined up one after the other in a row and the tables are all spilling out on the roads. It is such a pretty hilly road and A, K and I were sitting around on the pavement, smoking and just watching the world pass by and  it did feel like we were observing them through a kaleidoscope because there were people belonging to different races and nationalities hobnobbing with each other.T and U and came later and we all jointly came to the conclusion that this place is too expensive for our pockets and went off to Clark Quay to sit by the river and drink Jim Beam in Coke. I wasn't drinking though. I didn't wanna waste my Sunday nursing a hangover.  Of course drinking should not be synonymous with a hangover but sometimes old habits die hard minus any tomfoolery and "oh my gawd what did I do last night" moments.

I woke up worried of course. Ran to the library and have been there ever since. Yuck my memorial beckons. Pray I do well. :( 

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