Oct 2, 2013

Imagineeee being gung hooo once all of this is done!

Today was the first 2nd of October, in my life of 30 summers that wasn't a holiday. Imagine working on 2nd of October if you are in India. It is almost like sacrilege. Hehe!

I submitted my second assignment today, the one that had been killing me with all the research and the different schools of thought. Thank you soooo much PIL. I still don't have an answer to that question I have supposedly answered in the essay. But I enjoyed all the reading, I seriously did. You have started to make me believe that I can do 4000 word essays without losing my trail of thought. Never mind the panic attacks that sabotage my mind every now and then. Whewww am I not glad this one is over! Now let's get done with the next one and the next one and the next one and not to forget the moot court and four written exams.

Wow if I had ever know last year while applying to NUS that I wouldn't have time to breathe, I doubt I would have applied so enthusiastically. Hahah! Serves me right though for all the reading I never did on my own and all the classes I never attended in law school. :)

Now I am sitting quietly in the library by the window and enjoying the view while giving the finishing touches to the IP Evaluation paper. Sigh! There is also the arbitration moot looming in the background. This is clearly endless. Lemme get back to my books. Imagine my life once all this is done. :) Am I still gonna be this gung ho? Hehe!

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