Oct 4, 2013

Of moot courts and maccher jhol and P

I had this mini-panic attack today. It happened in the evening sometime between 4 to 5 in the library. I was trying to get the skeleton draft of my moot court submission in place and nothing was making sense. Words were flying all around me. I couldn't find a single case to support my stand and I was just drowning in this sea of moot court induced depression. How easily I sink into it and again come back to float. I flit in and flit out of these self made bubbles of depression every now and then. I scolded myself and said this is how you work yourself up and screw it all up. I went back to typing and trying to find some semblance of logic in the problem  and I guess I did.

I managed framing some issue, even found a mediocre case law to support my position. I haven't finished drafting, no Sir I haven't but I guess I'll make my way through. Besides you know my old enemy Mr. Public Speaking has yet again showed up and is staring at  my face. Yet another instance when those vocal cords of mine shall have to be exercised in front of a mock Arbitral Tribunal. Uffffff!!!!!!Wait it gets even better. I am pitted against my smart room mate and a smart Singaporean in these moots. Some days I can't believe I do this to myself again and again. I have only just gotten over the shock of the IP Presentation a month back. Hmmmphhh!!!

I had lovely machher jhol and bhaat made by P last night. I can't imagine Singy without her and our long, funny, bordering on bitter conversations while walking with Baby Butterfly on her stroller by the side of the river. Every time I have to leave her place to go home I get this wistful feeling. Sigh! This is how we get used to having each other around P. I am already getting ready to miss you once I am gone next May. 

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