Aug 23, 2011

Note to myself post my 28th birthday

What I could have possibly told myself 5 days before my 28th Birthday and what I realized after spending 5 days in the wilderness.

1) Do not, absolutely do not go to a hill station during monsoons for a weekend getaway even if it happens to be a Wildlife Park. You will be equipped to spend a weekend there but what will actually happen is that you’ll spend 5 days there and the last 2 days being wretched and miserable with your birthday knocking on the door and you so do not wanna turn 28 in the middle of a jungle resort and pouring rain, dwindling food supplies and clean clothes.

2) You will find the strangest of ways to keep yourself occupied with a bunch of people one would have never thought one would spend so much time with. You’ll play history quiz games at 6 in the morning because you would have exhausted your quota of ghost stories and sharing relationship blues or singlehood blues.

3) You’ll miss two very very important meetings which had to happen just when you get stuck in the resort all thanks to torrential rains, rising levels of the river waters and not to forget the landslides. When you'll explain the same to your Bosses in office it'll sound too melodramatic and filmy.You'll thank lord for the smart phone that was actually bought for a very different purpose.
4) You shall eat an enormous amount of food, an amount you haven’t eaten in the recent times and all due to the lack of any constructive activity except to stare out at the forests and keep looking at the skies waiting for the rain to stop and hoping that the sun shall come out.

5) You shall keep checking out the level of water in the Kosi river that flows just below the resort. Never has the rising level of water decided the course of your life but for these 3 days apparently it did.

6) Your belief in the need for physical exercise and activity will be reinstated. Yes you have been so correct about needing to exert yourself physically each and every day in some form or the other. Exercise does keep you happy.

7) You’ll finally cherish your daily, mundane and routine life. You’ll miss your almost empty flat in Dwarka to bits, you’ll miss the desi boys from office and their silly, lewd and loud, rustic jokes. You’ll so wanna get back to the clinical confines of your workplace.

8) You’ll pray to God for 2 hours incessantly as the car undertakes the perilous journey to carry you through,  mountainous rivers when a tractor will tow the car, flooded plains with waist high slushy water when you’ll pay passerby 300 rupees to push the car as they keep saying “doob jayegi gadiiiiiiiiii sahib.’

9)  You'll be tired, wet and hungry and shall probably never ever be so happy to be back in an Anna effected Delhi.

That by the end of it all you'll just be glad to be alive and living the life that you are living at least for now.

"The woods are lovely dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep."


Pesto Sauce said...

Don't scare me, I too am embarking on a vacation in some days

There is nothing worse than a spoilt getaway, that too with people who may not be great company

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Great writing-cum- resolutions-cum-oracleish premonitions :P

Btw Happy Birthday (belated)!