Aug 29, 2011

Dear God could I have the excited and pepped up blogger in me back please?

I had unpleasant dreams all of last night. I shouldn’t have had them. I spent a lovely lovely evening with A who is down from Dubai with her husband D, good old M and the newest addition to my life T. We started off drinking at Beer Café and wound up finally at TC. It wasn’t one of those drunken nights but was one of those evenings when the food and drinks are in the perfectly right proportion, in harmony with the endless conversation. An evening well spent so I shouldn’t have had the nightmares I did.

Delhi has been so caught up with the entire Anna fever that this one topic has dominated all conversations and interactions at the coffee table, during dinner time, while on chai breaks, or even lunch breaks, office parties and almost everywhere. I seemed to have had a lot to say the last time in April but this time the drama has played itself out so vividly and almost everyone had something to say for it or against it. There were people on my Facebook list who were pro Anna and anti-Congress. There were people who thought what Anna and his team were doing was sheer arm twisting the Government and the entire movement, if I may call it so, was supposedly anti- democracy and beyond the framework of the Constitution. There was Arundhati Roy’s controversial article in The Hindu when she elucidated Why she wouldn’t wanna be Anna? Then there was the counter article and the deluge of comments that berated her for her stand. Trust Arundhati Roy to always, always be politically divisive. I have to give her credit for that. Team Anna and the Government seemed to have reached to a sort of temporary consensus right now. Let’s wait and watch how long this painfully achieved bonhomie lasts.

I turned 28 this month. I was still getting over the Jim Corbett hangover so merely went out for dinner and drinks with M, S and T. Do I feel old or do I feel old? Sigh! I don’t feel like writing at all these days which is not a good sign at all. I want to be able to write forever and ever. Where has all the enthusiasm gone? This is so not me. This not feeling like writing me is not the me I love. I am not some professional writer but I do like to think of myself as an avid blogger. Dear God could I have the excited and pepped up blogger in me back please? :-) As someone once said only I can tell the stories I wanna tell.


Mr. Universe said...

I hope you get your wish and find it in you to continue blogging, the world needs more open-minded and generally nicer people to express themselves and not just be the meek waiting to inherit the earth.

I can totally relate to your negative feeling and general down-castness and it reflecting in the writing - its easy especially when the world around you seems to be strangling all hope left, right and centre.
But that is usually the time when its most important for blogs like yours and writing like this to stay alive. And who knows? pushing yourself to get past the "ennui" might even eventually get you past that block into your old flow again?

All in all though, Im glad you had that good evening with your friends, hang on to that, not the rest of it.

Pesto Sauce said...

Belated birthday wishes...hope you had a good time

Anna fever seems to have gripped everyone

Rover Head said...

yes only u can tell the stories u can tell.. lets both get bck to writing. i miss it :(