Aug 5, 2011

Just another random update

Isn’t it strange how you get inspiration to write a post from the most inconsequential of things?  Another blog post for instance.  I was thinking if I miss writing ever. Yes I do but then again my work entails a lot of writing rather drafting seems to be a more apt term and yes it isn’t necessarily the kind of writing one had envisioned on doing but it is writing nonetheless.  I wouldn’t be me without my writing skills whatever they might be worth. I think professionally my biggest identity or my USP at least are my writing skills and man I know how insipid and dry and lifeless the writing I do at work is. Hahaha! But then again its business and my bread and butter. I had reviewed some document the other day and as usal the changes were in the track changes mode when a colleague remarked that I almost always prefer my language to be used and my instant reply being if I think something can be expressed in a more precise and logical way then I shall make the change accordingly. I am always looking to express myself better and honing my language skills. I so envy writers and bloggers who make magic with their words.  Sigh!  So one of my blogger pals is gonna study Cultural Reporting and Criticism at NYU. How cool is that! J What luxury to be able to get a degree in something as enticing as this I say! I would give an arm and a leg to do so and she said I could live vicariously through her. Heheh!
I haven’t exactly been active off late. The usal work, home, exercise, dinner, tv, read, phone, sleep and the same routine the next day.  There was no electricity for 48 hours straight this last weekend and I was miserable. I didn’t sleep whole of Sunday night and went to office all red eyed and sleepless only to come back home to a dark house again in the evening. I was in tears but realized I can’t sit around waiting for electricity to come because some transformer had burst and the electricity board officials were refusing to give any assurance on when it would be repaired. I promptly called up C who lives in Sector 6 asking her if I can stay over and she and Neel were more than happy to have me over. My excitement at having an air conditioned room all to myself for the whole night was palpable.  I had delicious Thai Green Curry for dinner the other day at G’s new place at Green Park. It is such a lovely, roomy apartment with lots of natural light and  splendid wooden interiors though it is yet to done up. We were meeting up after 6 months and it was really nice catching up  over Thai Curry and Swedish Cheese on toasted bread. I’d never had Swedish cheese before and G was wondering if I’d like it. I loved it.  I haven’t been cooking much this week as you can see I haven’t mentioned anything that I would have made recently. I did make some mushroom biriyani last week but for the rice not cooking properly. Hmmphhh! I was so disappointed because I got the flavours perfectly. Another day and another time I am guessing.


Pesto Sauce said...

Power situation in Delhi continues to be sad. The time i lived there power failures were too common

After I cam to my new city last year, my first query was on power cuts and everyone here looked a bit foxed...power hardly ever goes here

Anonymous said...

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