Jun 30, 2011

All things food :-)

                                         Courtesy: http://www.artandcritique.com/

I finally created a new blog for my experiments with food as I have slowly and steadily grown to realise that food interests me immensely and that I devote quite a lot of time reading about food and my last couple of posts contained a proportinate amount of  food writing in general, be it food being cooked in my own kitchen or in some restaurant, cafe or in someone's house. I am also quite fascinated by food photography and hope to be able to take my first baby steps this evening. I am excited like a little girl who gets her first dolls house and cannot wait to start playing with it. I am gonna try making Deviled Eggs tonight. Let's see how the photographs turn out. Shall be uploading them in my other blog soon. Roll the drumssss and here you go Spicy Deviled Eggs that I am calling it.

Dearest "New My Very Own Food Blog",

I hope I can keep up to the true spirit of food writing which is to love all things food and to be able present  all things food in a delicious and spectacular way. This is my humble and modest attempt to be a part of this food blogging world that is filled with such talented food writers, food bloggers, food photographers and food stylists. There are many, many food bloggers who have inspired me enough with their wonderful writing and fabulous photography. I have no idea how long I shall last and how far we shall travel but here is wishing  me best of luck with you, that is my endeavour at food blogging. :-) Yeayyyyyyyyy!!!!



Anonymous said...

The link to your new blog does not work, unfortunately.

Serendipity said...

Hiya! how goes it :)
will go check the new blog out!

Pesto Sauce said...

One thing to learn when living alone is how to cook...sadly even being away for more than a year I hardly know any cooking