Jul 14, 2011

The last 2 weeks.

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What have I been up to the last two weeks or so? For one thing there was lots of work and the weekends which are a whirlwind affair replete with office and classes. Sundays aren’t Sundays anymore but then I wouldn’t want it any other way. Though what one has to keep an eye out for is only gonna come the second time around I feel. I just don’t seem to do things correctly the first time around ever ever. My life is a perfect example of trying, falling, getting up, stumbling and finally walking. Hahaha! But it has been quite the ride I must say.

I also seem to fill in lots of cooking whenever I get the time and a lot of bad pictures that I want to improve on. Last night I made the yummiest meat ball curry and sat happily eating it with rice and watched “The Girl WithThe Dragon Tattoo” with English subtitles. My idea of Lisbeth Salander was a somewhat younger, elfish looking character. The Swedish actress, Noomi Rapace did a fabulous job with her interpretation of such a complex character like Lisbeth but I always imagined Lisbeth to be a bit more vulnerable than what they made her out to be in the movie. And Mikael Blomkvist was supposed to be more blonde and more handsome and Erika was sexier in the book. Hahah! Can’t wait for the Hollywood version with Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara as Michael and Lisbeth.

Besides that I have been hanging out with M and G once in a while in DGC and I dig, absolutely dig the grilled fish there. I had it two consecutive times the last two weeks and G was like "Don’t you wanna try something new?” I declined. Heehaww! Not to forget the Caramel Custard. Sigh! Oh and I did full drama last week on J’s birthday as he dilly dallied on how and with whom to celebrate. I was so exasperated with people coming up with their own conditions about where to celebrate and why not to celebrate at my place that at 6 in the evening I walked out quietly thinking they can do what they want, with whomsoever they want but I am out of this circus. For once I was wrong and I wasn’t allowed to walk away and was made to come back from CP after many many pleas and I am happy that I was wrong. J had a fun birthday with people who are genuinely fond of him.

Day before yesterday we had a pillow fight at Vik’s place. I was on the phone with M and J chucked that hugeee pillow on my face and that was it and I wasn’t gonna be taking that lying down. Was sooooo much fun and laughter though last morning I couldn’t move my neck. I am off to Bangalore tomorrow for the weekend. Yeayyyy! I get to meet Fino, Saggy, Cowww and the rest. Can’t hardly wait. :D

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Pesto Sauce said...

Pillow fights are lots of fun, don't recall the last time I had one. Bangalore too is fun...is 13th floor still open?