Jan 25, 2011

Stars shining far away

So your sense of self worth shall come from a degree then ultimately. Is that how you think?

I don't know.  How else is it supposed to come in the present circumstances pray tell me? I don't wanna lose sight of my goals yet again in the pursuit of stars shining far away. I never seem to be able to reach to them anyways.  But if that point ever does come in the near future can I have them both that degree and personal happiness the way I want it.  


The Dude said...

choices will come and go your whole life - some follow a pattern and some are like a right hook to the jaw forcing you to look at something you never would have but cant avoid. Sometimes you see something you wish you had before.

Life's odd like that - live to enjoy what you are and who you are, make choices you need to make because it is the world we live in, but always keep your eyes open for those moments of choice that get you closer to what you WANT.
Even though you dont know them now, you will.

And nothing defines you but you. Sounds cheesy, I know, doesnt make it any less true.


akanksha said...

I know what you mean. I am struggling in a similar situation:(

May You chose what is right for you.

Rover Head said...

praying :) and on blogs after ten months! ISB has been mad. we need to catch up

Standbymind said...

Sorry I have no Gyaan to offer...