May 28, 2010

Heyyyyy yeayyyy heyyyy yeayyyyy! :-)

I am soooooooooooo sooooooooooo sleepy. Arghhhhhh! I had to get up from my seat and take a walk around the whole floor to fight the sleep until I reached the cafeteria only to be greeted by the locked glass door so I banged into it and made cranky faces at the coffee guy who was courteous enough to get me a cup since this was their recuperating hour.

I miss the rains and the grey cloudy skies. I am tired of this parched dry heat that is consuming everything anything within its grasp. I imagine those rains in Calcutta where I came back home hopping skipping and jumping amidst the merry pitter patter of the raindrops with just an umbrella to shield me. I miss the smell of the rain on earth the mostest. Seems like a dream now when all I can see is dust and dust settled on everything. We seem to be eating copious amounts of dust unknowingly. I wish the rain would come once and for all and wash it all away, the dust, the grime and most of all this angst.

After almost 27 years of living on this planet I got my passport within a period of 24 hours flat. What joy when I finally held that navy blue booklet in my hand after an inexorable struggle of filling in wrong forms, managing verification certificates in the last moment, standing in the endless cues and having conversations with the most random people. Guess whose going for a holiday real real soon. Yes tis me, tis me. We are going to be whisked away to mysterious and magical places. :D

Work has been a tad bit disconcerting. I mean the bottom line being I hate playing second fiddle but I guess time hasn’t come for me to hold court as yet so I remain the not so silent spectator. I almost lost my calm exterior today but realized it is gonna be futile. I cannot be constantly fighting for something that shall get me little or no credit at the end. I haven’t given up but I am waiting in the shadows and I am watching always watching. My gaze is like that of a hawk’s and there are days when I feel that damn I am definitely not the world’s easiest person to work with so I realize she isn’t having a great time either.

Mum and I had a fight the other day cos one of those silly grooms on a marriage portal didn’t look like he was my types and I made the cardinal mistake of expressing my displeasure and man what a mini storm followed when I was told in plain words that when the men I like don’t wanna do anything about me there is precious little to be done but look at marriage portals and check out these almost dead profiles. So there I sat listening to that entire lecture of how I am only getting older and yada yada yada and how I always chose the wrong men who never wanna commit and how Dad isn’t around and it’s just different now. To be honest I didn’t have an argument for that plus the other solution being I had to promise my Mum that I just wasn’t interested in the opposite sex and was happy living a dignified life minus men in my life. But wait there is an end to this story and guess who had the last laugh???? The next day the guy’s parents (who had oh so enthusiastically called up Ma the day before for my snaps) called up the contact person in the marriage portal and said “But our son was looking for somebody fairer” . Hahahahahahahah! My Mum apparently told that chick very conceitedly that her daughter had already rejected the guy and banged the phone down. Ah well he was actually so not my types is all I can say and I wish I could have told him so on his face. ;-)
Hmmmmm…. I think these Cheeni Japani Subcontractors( one just walked passed by my seat) who keep frequenting our office with that permanent harrowed look plastered across their faces are so pink and cute. There is something so endearing about them or so I think cos on the table they are such tough people to negotiate with. The Japanese are the easiest to work with over here at least and the Germans are of the nagging variety always wanting to make money of us for their own losses. (No offence meant to any nationality.) :D

On Fridays I feel the world is divided into two categories of people; those who have Saturdays of and those who don’t. Sigh!!!! A parting thought but the world just might be my oyster now or hope it will be someday.Adios. :-)


Euphoric Madness! said...

ahhh but you forget to mention the excitement dee and i are stirring up in your life!!!!!!!!!

akanksha said...

Loved this post! :)
I can understand what the storm would have been like...It happens with me al the time. Stupid, dumb guys express interest and some-how they don't seem to be stupid/dumb to mom or dad:(

Thats life, as of now. Hoping for a better tomorrow for both of us!


Shankar said...

hehe someone fairer? What a bunch of idiots and what a shallow requirement.

And where are you going with you spanking new passport?