May 17, 2010

Brightly lit runways will always remind me of you....

And I accept defeat and yes we do have a love hate relationship. I have hated you, cursed you and wished I was all alone as the lady of the manor. You too look forward to days when I am not around with my disapproving gaze literally breathing down your neck. Maybe you make me insecure or maybe it is because you are so different. You do hide your insecurities if any really well and the only time I am made aware of their existence is when you sneakily go off upstairs in pursuit of the necessary information/details/ correspondences or draft a reply to a query jointly addressed to us without my knowledge and before I know it the query has been answered and the mail sent out. There are times when I am so livid and I could just claw your eyes out and there are times when we are having so much fun be it at the airport site getting lost in that magnanimous structure of chrome and steel and gliding across the walkalators gleefully as if both of us are flying or be it drafting so called important yet nonsensical letters and waiting with bated breath as the Dark One reviews it and sends it back to us with his feedback after having deleted almost all our language or be it at the World Book Fair waiting for the palmist to read my hand as he made a sincere attempt to make me cry saying I am gonna be having a trouble laden life and you laughed on his face and walked off with me asking him to **ck off.

I remember the time you took me to the hospital when you needn’t have since I was perfectly capable of going so myself and I even remember the time when you walked off with all the credit on a letter drafted by me. I don’t even know if you meant it to be like that or it just happened. There is something about you and people are instantly taken in by your charming exterior that use to get to me the first two months until I learnt how to live with it. Now I can see through it and I have finally realized that naaa you ain’t half as bad. It is just a case of two women who compete against each other all the time and ain’t gonna give up even an inch of their space. Some say competition is healthy and I finally believe that it is. I know I haven’t been any better as I always try to pry into your phone conversations wondering if you are secretly working on some issue that I ain’t aware of and I have been downright rude in more occasions than one. However knowing that you are sitting just a work station away does make me want to work harder, better, research more than the usal, read that draft a couple of more times than I normally would have and reach the Dark One’s cabin before you do. Sometimes its almost like a race and man what a funny race this has been fighting over Subcontract packages so if you are Queen of Electrical and other works I am the Queen of the Baggage Handling System while we deal with Airfield Ground Lighting and Fire Fighting together trying to make sense out technicalities that leave us muddled and jumbled in the head.This has been one hell of a ride as we have cribbed and complained all the way for having landed ourselves at this blasted construction site in the middle of nowhere but someday when we look back we'll realise every minute of this was worth it.Yup it does take all sorts of people to make this world and it takes all sorts of relationships to add a little chutzpah in this otherwise mundane and ordinary life and maybe sometimes to the wonder of wonders it takes an airport being built for two very unlikely people to come together and forge a working relationship. Brightly lit runways shall always remind me of you. Hoping we get to work on many many more dazzling beautiful runways and more than anything three cheers to this AIRPORT. :D

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