Feb 5, 2010

No one can find the rewind button girl.

Source:Aicha, a woman of Morocco. Oil Painting by Fredrick Arthur Bridgman

I am incredibly sleepy and somehow time is passing by oh so slowly today. Was super busy yesterday working on some stuff but today there doesn’t seem to be much action happening from my end at work. So day before yesterday I was at a meeting with a Subcontractor trying to sort all their claims and issues out when I came across the most charming Portuguese man ever. For the record I think this is the first Portuguese I have come across. Heheh! Anyways what I also wanted to say that this man looked like such an average Joe, the kinds you wouldn’t even cast a passing glance if he walked past by you, and to top it all he was bald and an albino but when he got down to talking Business across the table I was floored. He wasn’t even a technical guy but a Finance Analyst but he seemed to be so much at ease discussing and arguing it out with the Engineers that my Project Director too was compelled to discuss the figures rather than the nuances of the claims. What a brilliant guy! Sigh! I am sure he has a hot model type wife hidden away somewhere in some mansion in Lisbon. ;-)
Guess what I think I am finally gonna get my own place. I am keeping my fingers crossed. So if things work out as planned I just might be coming back to a cheerful, prettier and my very own place, a month later every evening after work. Red Head was down for a couple of hours on Sunday and we met up for the first time after her wedding. She, Bean Pole and I went out for lunch but not before she checked out my place and the scary uncle I stayed with and asked me to get out of it asap. She wanted to take pictures of me with the background of the peeling paint of the walls and the unattractive interiors to send it to Fino but alas in all our excitement of meeting up the pictures were promptly forgotten. She said even our Bhosle Nagar house in Pune was better. Yeah I agree that tiny place was more cheerful than this. Batty left for Bombay and I lived in denial for 2 days saying everybody has to move on and yada yada yada until it hit me day before that she is gone and you are all alone for a little while before you settle down and get your groove back. I guess I am planning a trip to Bombay, Pune in June whereby one shall meet up with Red Head and Fino together in Pune for the very first time in 4 years. Three of us haven’t gotten together since 2006. It has always been us meeting each other individually. This should be a blast.
Of course Bombay for me shall only ever be Batty now but I do remember a time when I use to dream of working in Bombay and at 22 I almost fell in love in that city and with that city. ;-) Think we never quite followed that love up so come June we shall rediscover Bombay. I remember Bandra so well. I remember sitting in Bandstand patiently waiting for Frankenstein to come and pick me up or eating in one of those small Udipi restaurants right outside the CNBC office at Lower Parel or just hanging out at phoenix Mills first with Piyu and then with Batty. I remember that one last trip to Bombay after the final year exams with Fino and our nights out at Hawaiin Shack and Soul Fry I think. That was a small karaoke place in Bandra again. Damn its been so long. I remember the apple juice Fino and I kept drinking cos her cute cousin was working for Kingfisher(correct me if I am wrong Fino) and they had just launched their apple drink and she got cartons of it complementary as a part of her job.
How could I ever not mention Frankenstein? The lau of my life at 22 and the bane of my existence at 22 too. How many more catastrophes God? Pray tell me. Sometimes me thinks I am tired of all these wrong ones who seem oh so perfect initially until the true colours crop up and all you are left with at the end of it are questions as to how could I not see through all of that. Did I miss out something over here? Yes I did. I missed out this big elephant in the room. It wasn’t just you and me but her too. To think I only saw her ghost yesterday silently present all this while when I thought it was only about you and me. You only remind me of you then why would my actions remind you of her? I don’t need another complicated presence in my private sanctuary and I definitely don’t need a ghost from someone else’s past in my life. And you know what I am enough for me. More than enough for me.

"But you can't jump the track, we're like cars on a cable,
And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table
No one can find the rewind button now
Sing it if you understand.
and breathe, just breathe
woah breathe, just breathe,
Oh breathe, just breathe,
Oh breathe, just breathe.

Song: Breathe(2AM) by Anna Nalick


akanksha said...

good one!
Hope u have a blast whn u 3 meet! :)

Tk cr

Rover Head said...

Priii come to Bombay before I leave ok? and new template is hot and I will plagiarize the elizabeth gilbert quote on top .. okiee?

Blackfayth said...

Aah Soul Fry... I need to go there too. Been ages...

Shivi said...

I miss you loads. I really wish you were here, we would've rediscovered Bombay together...but I can't wait till you come visit me. Love you loads darling, it's not the same without you :(