Jan 14, 2009

Hiccups and hiccups!

Somewhere between working frantically over this wretched Section 187C and worrying about enrolling into the Bar and getting more excited than I should about the most trivial of things I fell apart and found myself in the hospital with saline being ejected into my veins with little or no clue of how I landed up there. You know how it is when everything is a daze and you wake up to find yourself in a place you would never find yourself in because you haven't had the time to even comprehend about the breakneck speed life is passing you by. I don't make too much sense now but yesterday as I lay in the hospital bed and spoke to Batty Woman as she asked me if I was alright and I finally confessed that no maybe I wasn't and I don't like being all alone here with insipid white all around me and the smell of medicines and my hand inclined upwards. That's when I called up Fino crying saying " Please come and yes I don't know why I am crying but I am." She was there before I knew it and took me home and fed me and took lotsa care just like Mommy would do.
It was a minor ailment but it sure made me think about a multitude of things. Like if I did die would it effect half as many people as I think it would or people wouldn't bother cos I had hurt them sometime in the past or angered them by my behavior. Would they still hold the old grudges against me and look back on my memories thinking she never meant anything to us and we'll let one incident cloud all the good times. The couple of hours in the hospital surely made me think. I realised that the first people I would message or call when I am in trouble would be Batty Woman, Fino and the Economist. Batty and Economist probably think I am looney to be messaging them from Bangalore telling them I fainted in office when I probably should be calling up people nearby. Sigh! But sometimes we are so in tune with some people in our lives that the rest do not matter and it maybe momentary but as long as some people are around the others pale in comparison. But I know times change and hopefully we make our peace with the past and certain people find their way back into your life.
I received the funniest phone call last week sometime from Mr.Hazel Eyes.(I meant to write a whole post on him which I shall very soon cos now I think he deserves a full post considering the fact that he's been there longer than I ever thought he would) He called up in the middle of the night piss drunk from Lucknow saying?"Are you sleeping. Go back to sleep man." I said "You have bloody woken me up now so you jolly well speak to me." He said something about his folks looking for a chick for him to get married to and how he was supposed to choose out of 6 women. I was like alright " And"
" Well your heart will break na if I get married."
" Please why should I care whom you get married to."

But ofcourse I just meant to sound cool heheh! Hmmmmmm so like that a tiny hiccup here and there and life is going on fine I guess but I wait for the good times to show their face again.


Arjun said...

Take cAre and get well soon
Life is not worth the stress

Six Feet From the Edge said...

I thought of commenting about the (so) many things in your post that I agree with- The wonder that if we die, who will care or how some people in our life can make all others pale in comparison or that life always goes on and we just have to wait and watch....
But I won't (comment), coz then we'd just be agreeing with each other! :-P

Hope you are doing well! Take a holiday and ease up! Come to Singapore!(do I sound like the singapore tourism board or wt?)Trust me, it's better than hospital walls and phenyled corridors!

PS- I've changed my blog address, U might want to change it on ur blog wall, no?

Anonymous said...

It is useful to try everything in practise anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)