Oct 19, 2007

Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! :)"

It is so not like me to be putting up more than a post a week but I feel this urge to capture these reflections on life and passing times. Yes last night as we sat in my living room and chatted, reminiscing old days, happy days, the crazy us that used to be, hilarious anecdotes spread generously over five years spent together, for a fraction of a moment I felt like framing this evening and freezing it in time forever and ever. It is lovely to have Fido Dido around. Its lovely to see S and Fido Dido together high fiving on some stupid, amusing joke or just plain listening to their repertoire of stories. Speaking of which I had to, just had to share this small funny episode about S’s tomfoolery. This one time S was escorting a US returned cousin of his around his farm in Jammu. They had just walked into the driveway as a herd of buffaloes crossed the road after their customary evening dip in the pond nearby. Both S and his cousin did not pay much attention to the buffaloes, as S was busy pointing out the landmarks when they came across this water body. S’s cousin got very excited and started jumping around saying “Oh my gosh you guys have a pool too in the farm. Nobody told me. Could I please go for a swim?” S nodded his head well knowing that this wasn’t any swimming pool but just a pond for the animals to laze around in the hot summer evenings and that the buffaloes they had passed by a few moments ago on the road had just spent a merry summer afternoon there in the very same waters. But then the funny bone that S has he let his cousin swim in those filthy waters. I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean where does he hatch all these ideas and if one meets him on a normal day one would feel how prim, proper and well mannered this man is hahaha!
Incidentally I spent two very monotonous hours at the airport yesterday waiting for Fido Dido’s flight to land. I tried calling up people to kill time but they politely said no to me saying they cannot entertain me in the middle of the afternoon. I was loitering around listening to music on the radio and all of a sudden this man started making idle conversation with me. I tried to convey real graciously that I really was in no frame of mind to indulge in such social niceties but he refused to take the hint. I would turn my face away and he would come up with questions like “Yeah the Spice Jet flight from Calcutta is really late. So are you a native of Delhi?” I’d nod and look to the other side. Finally he asks me “ Aap yahan studies karti hain kya? ( Are you are studying over here?) I shook my head. “ Koi company mein kaam karti hain kya?” ( So you working in some company?) All this while I hadn’t bothered looking at his face and replying but this question was the last straw as I turned and looked at him in his eyes saying “Haanji main kaam karti hoon. Wakil hoon.” I saw the astonished look on his face and lo behold he was gone as he darted across the pavilion and disappeared into the crowd. Strange but all I needed to tell him was “Main wakil hoon.” and he knew that I wasn’t that innocent little thing I look like hahaah!

Finally I heaved a sigh of relief as all the 6ft 3 inches of Fido Dido walked out of the arrival lounge with his trolley. Fido Dido and S share the most amazing chemistry that best buddies share after spending half a decade in close contact and they have these famous and utterly idiotic arguments on which school is better as both of them went to boarding schools. S is from Mayo College and Fido Dido is from Doon School and darn it is me stuck in the middle as they try to outdo each other as S calls the Doscos “Gay Pansies” and Fido Dido has his retort ready screaming out aloud saying “ Looser Mayo Fuckers” hahaha! And then there is poor me who hasn’t spent a day of her life in any boarding school. Sigh! Coincidentally my roomie’s friend Gul was down from Calcutta too so last night after all of them came home after work we had a gala time as the alcohol bottles were gotten out after almost a week’s sabbatical. All thanks to Navratra I have been forced to convert into a staunch vegetarian sans’ any onion and garlic because Radhi fasts trying very hard to put on the garb of a religiously inclined person but failing quite miserably and gleefully heheh! I had wine after almost 2 weeks and yes yes I got all tipsy and happy and Fido Dido was a little surprised and he asked S “Does she drink this much? Cos in Pune she wouldn’t.” Now S and I were mere acquaintances in Pune and have started hanging around together only the last two months so as long as he has known me he has known the drunkie me and we call each other drunkie jokingly cos initially we bonded over alcohol before we finally figured that no we actually have a nice time without intoxicants too. S looked back at him saying “Yeah she always drinks an entire bottle of wine and trips on her own.” For christ’s sake those two men make it sound like I lead a life of debauchery hahah! Men I tell you are so judgemental :|. For the record I hate sharing my wine from the deepest core of my heart. I don’t give my wine bottle to no one heheh! Later we went to this new karaoke place called Acquafer in GK2 and sang our hearts out. I was so so happy as having my buddies from college around was an icing on the cake. I sang Ironic after such a long time and thoroughly enjoyed myself as I crooned “ its like meeting the man of your dreams and then meeting his beautiful wife. Isn’t it ironic?” S and I also sang his all time favourite song “That Thing You Do” . I hadn’t sung it the week before cos S couldn’t make it and I was waiting for him to be around and sing in unison :). T’was such a loweeeelllllllyyyyyy loweeeeellllllyyyyyyy evening with friends, lots of laughter, walks down the memory lanes, music, wine, singing a bit of dancing and yup plans too about the future that seems to have endless possibilties for each one of us :).


J said...

Ahh, sure seems like a fun company.

Lol wakil ji, that was a smart move.. Hmmm, must bear that in mind :D

Renovatio said...

It's really good to see you in a good mood. A welcome change. Now let's keep at it, shall we? :)

Anonymous said...

lovely reading your post. Stay well & have a nice time!

The Dude said...

nice post.. meeting up with old friends and reminiscing and noticing the changes in life both large and small, it can be a great feeling..
i really laughed at your little anecdote bout the cheapy at the airport! my friend the lawyer would be most amused and tickled by it!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

your posts are always a treat :)

S is really malicious but the thing is, your American cousin couldn't see the filthy water himself? I mean it wouldn't be crystal clear after the buffaloes were in it :)

So are you really a lawyer or did you say that to scare the guy off? I love the bargaining power this profession brings! hehe

anuj said...

tht sounds like grt fun .. n nothin better thn gettin along wid frnd n d alcohol alwyz sybolises lossin urself while in safe hands .. hehe ..

Actually, I loved ur cmnt in Ashu's post:
'There is so much more to life. we guys keep hankering in and around love. i feel life would be so much easier if we did not make these our highest priority'

so true n there's much to learn from this ..


slaintesurvivors said...

aww loved the post :) hadn't read your blog in a long time. i share everyone's sentiment above- keep the happiness going ;) much love!

Pri said...

heyy cool..dint know u were into law...thts gr8!
loved the post...as usual very lucidly expressed :)
keep blogging!!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Very nice..nice reading cocluding with endless possibilities..yes,thats life.keep moving!

Anonymous said...

Hey there utopia..thanks for coming by my blog & for liking it as well:)
I am definitely looking ahead for your future visits as well..
PS: It was nice reading this kinda post for a change..hehe:)

Aaarti said...


you can reach me on aarti.km@gmail.com.... looking fwd to your mail....

oh,well, work and life have taken over.. but i do write once in a while on my other blogs..chk that out... :)

Aaarti said...

oops,forgot to mention.. love the main pic on ur page.. how do i change mine????

talking abt the one in "forever utopia"...

Kabir said...

hey thanx for reading my blog utopia... nice name,lol, if its fo real... yeah im in this partyin mode right now, switching places every weekend, tryin out new pubs... its fun to party in blore... wher r u from, btw? Peace OUT!

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