Feb 11, 2012

How do you solve a problem like me?

How to listen to music on your head phones so much so that you are addicted to it and only becos you are trying to distract yourself from something else?

How to mess up something perfectly good in a space of one day?

How to realize that sometimes, most times there ain’t no second chances?

How to be forced into distraction thanks to day long meetings?

How to distract yourself on a lazy Saturday afternoon at work by writing a blog post?

How to realize that the more gung ho your professional life gets the more in shambles your love life is?

How not to stop looking at ficking bbm 24/7?

How to sign out of bbm without deleting the application?

How to dream of a phone less world when I could just chuck this silly smart phone away?

How to realize that all those who love you, also love the impulsive, hyper you and you needn’t change so much?

How to realize that it should be take it or leave it?

How did I realise that I don't feel half as empty as much as I used to before when I was younger, even till 8, 9 months back?

I have answers to some of those questions and some I don't. :)

Guess what I am growing up. Indeed I am. Yeayyyyy!

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