Oct 11, 2011

I wish I had a wedding planner.

 'Why don't you leave the planning of our wedding to me?' by McCoy, Glenn and Gary
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Yes I did vanish. I think two months is a long long time not to blog at all. I have been following the blogs I do regularly just that there was too much happening on the personal front and I couldn’t devote time to blogging and I don’t want it to be like that at all. So here I am updating the blog.
Firstly I got engaged after a whirlwind of what I would like to call something akin to a romance and we are still trying to get a grip on the wedding preparations. There is sooooooooooo much of planning to do that managing everything at the same time gets sooo tedious.  And no I cannot afford one those creative and glamorous wedding planners but sometimes I do wish I could and us and our sets of parents did not get this harrowed. I was home for ten whole days but believe me not even a single day went by when I didn’t have some wedding related task to accomplish. I wish this was just about two people wanting to spend their life together and wooooossshhhhh you are spending your life together . Sigh! Indian weddings I tell you. I could write an entire post on how tiresome it gets with all the running around and managing a full time job and trying to coordinate two different sets of people living in two different cities. The charm wears off so easily only to resurface again when I am with him alone sitting in the car and we are listening to the music and I realize this is why we are doing all of this or when I got my first  glimpse of him as he walked into my house the evening of my engagement.  He’d worn a pristine white kurta with a beautiful green brocade shawl that was hanging casually on his shoulder and he’d done his hair in spikes and he couldn’t stop smiling and that is when I knew that I liked all of him including the fact that he kept joking even as I tried to slip the ring into his ring finger and he gave me his thumb instead.
First day at work today after almost two weeks and I am so happy to be back working. I am not good at sitting at home and doing nothing. I over think, I over analyse the situation and how? I do it so beautifully and it is such an art.  So that is that. Shall write a chirpier and a happier and a longer post soon. Wish me best of luck with the small details and pray that this wedding goes of smoothly without me ruffling too many feathers.


Swayam said...

Congratulations.... :D keep posted about ur wedding plans...:D

Insignificant said...

Congratulations! :D

Raajii said...

Congratulations! I hope this turns out to be a great adventure for you :)

Pesto Sauce said...

Congrats dear, you have found your match. Really hope and pray that you have a long and happy life with him

PS give me also some tips, been a long time now