Nov 30, 2010

Issie Blow

I hadn’t ever heard of Isabella Blow until I chanced upon her name being mentioned in the same breath as Coco Chanel’s in a blog. Now who hasn’t heard of Coco Chanel but I was equally intrigued with Isabella Blow’s life after doing a google search on her. She was the one who discovered the late designer Alexander Mcqueen and the famous super model Sophie Dahl. Issie as she was affectionately known as, bought Alexander Mcqueen’s entire graduation collection in 1992 for 3000 pounds which she paid off in installments of 100 pounds a week. She worked tirelessly promoting his work in the fashion circuit only to be left behind by him when he shifted to Paris to work for Gucci. She was known for her quirky sense of style especially the élan with which she carried off unusual hats. However towards the end of her life she suffered from severe depression and tried to kill herself numerous times until she finally succeeded doing so by injecting herself with weed killer.

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